11 Unmistakable Signs There Is An Angel Watching Over You And Protecting You From Evil

If you want to know if an angel is watching over you and protecting you from evil, here are 13 signs that will help you notice.

11 Unmistakable Signs There Is An Angel Watching Over You And Protecting You From Evil

Would you like to know if an Angel is watching over you and protecting you from evil and negative energies?

Then, watch out for these 11 unmistakable signs!

Sometimes, your life may be affected by higher beings such as spirits, angels, or demigods. Sometimes you feel protected, as if some guardian angel is taking care of you, and sometimes you feel confused, afraid, and cold.

Actually, many influences of your surrounding have an impact on your life. And guardian angels are, in fact, your own messengers of harmony, wisdom, and awareness. They help you find the right way and support you through life.

Even though you may spend many years trying to find out how to get messages from angels, they watch over you and protect you all the time. They give you wisdom, energy, and direction, so you have all you need.

If you want to know if an angel is protecting you, here are 13 signs that will help you notice.

1. Voices

One of the most obvious signs of having an angel watching over you is an angelic voice. You may notice it as a whisper or a nudge in your head. If you experience this, ask the angel to be louder. Anyway, do not confuse this voice with the voices of your imagination.

2. Temperature Change

If you feel a sudden temperature change in your body, that may indicate that your angel is close to you. Also, you may feel some tingling in your neck.

3. Air Pressure Changes

Besides the changes in the temperature, you may feel as if the air in your room is going out. In ancient stories, angels used to appear in the form of strangers. But this still happens even in modern times.

5. You Feel a Presence

Angels tend to make their presence noticeable. For example, when you are in a library and need help, the book you need suddenly falls from a shelf.

6. Dreams

When you are dreaming, you may meet your angel offering a solution to your problem. So, when you wake up the following morning, you will know what to do. And you will be filled with more positivity than before.

7. White Feathers

Although not every person will notice, some who have encountered their guardian angel have seen white feathers in their surroundings.

8. Colorful Lights

When there are angels present, you will notice strange beams of light. This is not something you should be afraid of, but you should know that you have your angel guarding you.

9. Goosebumps

It means that it is true when you get goosebumps when you are thinking or feeling something. Also, that strange feeling of a chill or energy running through your spine may be an angelic sign too.

You should pay attention to what is going on in your life. Getting goosebumps may signify that something right is going to happen in your life and that your guardian angel is close to you.

10. Numbers

If you notice that you have seen a particular number or numbers lately, you should know that a guardian angel may be trying to send you a message.

You may see these numbers wherever you look, at the clock, on your receipt, on the parking meter, etc. But, again, you can use Numerology to determine what the numbers you see mean.

11. Coins

If you find a coin on your way, it may be a sign from your angel that you are appreciated and loved. In fact, coins mean support and are considered signs of angels.

So, if you find a coin, notice if there are any specific messages or markings written on it. For example, it may carry a special message.

If you pay close attention to your surroundings, you may notice many signs that will let you know that your guardian angel is watching over you.

Know that angels are always beside you and want to help you through your life. Nonetheless, you have a chance to choose whether you will accept their help or refuse it.