Do This To Communicate with Your Guardian Angel and Get His Help

Whether you have a question to ask him or a choice to make, you will learn how to communicate with him.

Do This To Communicate with Your Guardian Angel and Get His Help

We all have a Guardian Angel who watches over us, protecting, comforting and assisting us all along our path. We can invoke our Guardian Angel (and ask for His help) anytime we need help making important decisions.

So, when doubt is taking over and we do not know what to do, it is always good to invoke our Guardian Angel and ask for His help.

How do you invoke your Guardian Angel?

Before asking your Guardian Angel for help, you must put yourself in a completely comfortable position and find a quiet place where you can sit, relax, and focus on your needs.

Things to do before starting to invoke your Guardian Angel:

  • Find a quiet place, inside or outside of your house.
  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes and empty your mind.
  • Let go of any negative thoughts related to your need
  • When you feel ready, greet your Angel: Hello!

Speak the following invocation:

"I am invoking you, my Guardian Angel.

You who help me govern my life correctly,

You, my Angel, I thank you sincerely.

Through the power of the Four Elements,

Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, receive my Plea".

You should have a clear idea about the question you want to ask. Formulate it aloud, in a low voice, or, more simply, in your mind, according to the need you'll feel at that moment. Then serenely wait for the answer. You must be mentally prepared to expect a response that will enlighten your existence. But do not 'expect' a specific answer, as your Guardian Angel has a broader vision of your entire life and what is good for you (and what is not.)

Your Angel will answer you in the manner that He will deem most appropriate, leaving a mark on your mind by sending you the following:

  • an immediate intuition,
  • a vision,
  • or by stepping into your dreams.

In any case, your Guardian Angel will answer your question.

If you do not receive the answer straight away, there is no need to worry. Instead, you should enhance how you practice the invocation.

There is only one instance where your Guardian Angel will not answer your question: a negative question aimed at harming others will not be answered.

The Angels only intervene for your Good, but it must also be the Good of everyone involved. Therefore, selfish questions will get no answer.

The Angels are here to help those with an open heart and unselfish needs and desires!

Article reference: Invoke Your Guardian Angel - The correct way by Padre Medium