5 Differences Between A Life Partner And A Soulmate

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5 Differences Between A Life Partner And A Soulmate

We’ve heard people who just got married call their husband or wife as their soulmate. Sometimes they call it a life partner.

And it’s pretty clear that we sometimes use them interchangeably, not sure if they are different. Common misconceptions made these terms super complicated to understand.

On the other hand, girls like to call their besties as soulmates – people who understand them better than anyone. So, can your life partner be your soulmate or vice versa? What are the differences?

1. Your life partner is there for your lifetime, but probably not your soulmate.

Your life partner is someone you agree to remain stuck with for a lifetime no matter what. Thus, the name. But your soulmate won’t – they are the other half of yourself, but it doesn’t mean they will be there forever. Your best friend, your mom or your sister can be that supportive soulmate who’ve always got your back.

But at the end of the day, they’ve got their own lives and journey to walk and one day, their own life partners. Your life partner could be your soulmate as well, someone who upgrades into a more important person in your life.

Wir fuhren auf einen Berg, den sogenannten “Melibokus”. Wir wussten den Weg nicht, aber wir hatten ein Ziel: “wir wollen auf diesen Berg”. Also fuhren wir den Berg auf kleinsten Trampelpfaden hinauf. Die Wege waren meist kleiner als das Auto, es regnete stark und auf einer Seite war immer ein tiefer Abgrund.
Doch wir hatten dieses eine Ziel: Hoch hinauf! So wie auch das Ziel dieses frischen Ehepaars war: “Der Liebe folgen, hoch hinauf”. So kamen wir im strömenden Regen also endlich am Gipfel an. Dieser einzigartige Moment kam dabei zu Stande. Ein Moment voller liebe, Freude und Zweisamkeit.
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2. One dares you to challenge yourself while the other joins in that story where you challenge yourself.

Your soulmate knows you and thus, will sometimes challenge you to do something more. They are people who dare to talk back to you, telling you that you can be something more. These are also people who will talk you out of toxic relationships.

Your life partner is in you throughout all these. All the challenges, troubles and problems you face, your life partner shares that with you. Your soulmate can give emotional support, but that person is not eligible to become a fighter in your battle.

3. The reason for closeness.

Soulmates are those who just feel like people you’ve known for a long time even when you’ve just met 2 hours ago. They are people who stay sync with you in such a way you just can’t part ways from them.

Your life partner is different and maybe, that is why you were attracted to them. This attraction cannot be defined and you can’t help yourself wondering, excited for new things you can learn. Even when you don’t really understand that person’s motivation and so does that person, you know this is someone you will want to get stuck with for a really long time.

Love in the mountains
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4. Intuition vs. communication.

Soulmate knows you intuitively because they’ve known you longer than ever. But life partners require communication to be open and smooth. Life partners trust in each other’s words which begin with the fact that you both made it official – you are one for life.

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5. Soulmate arrives during a life-changing moment, while life partners are part of it.

You feel like you found someone who truly understands you and syncs so unbelievably right. The time spent together helps you cope with all these new experiences and that’s how your relationship starts. It gets more than that as both of you unconsciously seek out each other’s companion every now and that even when the event is no more relevant.

A life partner sticks to you through thick and thin. And the beginning sometimes happens when you least expect it.

Both of you consciously make commitments, show support and love for each other.

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