5 Signs You're Having A True Spiritual Awakening

Are you having a true spiritual awakening? Check these 5 signs.

5 Signs You're Having A True Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening takes place in all different shapes, sizes, and forms.

Some people experience an awakening, also known as enlightenment, suddenly and without warning, often without even aiming to achieve it. For others, such enlightenment comes more slowly. Building over years with hard work and lots of effort thrown into the process.

No matter how your awakening takes place, or when it occurs in your life, most people experience many of the same signs.

Here are the top 5 signs that what you’re experiencing is a true spiritual awakening:


1) Empty Mind and Intensified Perception

According to Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, the most major sign of oncoming enlightenment is a change in your overall thinking patterns.These changes are often highlighted by an empty mind and intensified perception. A sense of peace often follows these changes.You might also notice a greater appreciation for the world around you. You might be more drawn to nature and eager to spend more time within in. Most importantly, you feel at ease and comfortable.Your worries are starting to ease and you feel much less stress in all aspects of your life. In other words, you feel at once more perceptive of the world around you and less filled with negative thoughts

2) Content with Aloneness

Contentment follows true spiritual awakening.Many of those in the middle of awakening spiritually begin to feel a greater sense of contentment in all facets of their life. This sense of contentment – a sense of just truly being okay in this world – extends to aloneness.When you might’ve once felt lonely spending hours, days, or even weeks with little to no contact with others, you are now okay with this aloneness.In fact, this aloneness makes you feel even more peaceful and content. It makes you feel even happier with the life you are leading.During the beginnings of this process, some people even find it difficult to go out in public, especially to crowded areas or events.

3) Greater Inspiration

Spirituality author Natasha Tae states that another early sign of enlightenment is greater feelings of inspiration.Perhaps you feel more inspired overall. More positive and willing to live each day to its fullest. Or perhaps your inspiration is more targeted. Maybe you are creating more art, whether that’s music, painting, or something else altogether.Perhaps your inspiration is spiritual in nature. You are feeling inspired to connect with greater forces, meditate, and communicate with a higher power.Whatever the target of your inspiration, having these newly inspired thoughts and feelings is a key sign of enlightenment.

4) Sudden Changes

Sudden changes in life can be difficult to deal with.There’s no denying that sudden changes in life are often stressful and difficult. Yet these sudden changes are often a sign of an oncoming awakening. Sometimes these changes force you to change things inside yourself.Often sudden changes, especially job or career changes, force you to contemplate what really matters most to you in this world.As difficult as these experiences might be to get through, there’s little denying that they often have long-lasting positive repercussions.Even more serious life events, like the loss of a loved one, can have positive benefits, even though it might not seem like it at first.Any change that promotes a change in your way of thinking can lead towards greater peace, happiness, and overall wisdom.

5) Empathy, Compassion, and Bliss

According to Power of Positivity, an awakening doesn’t just change your own perception of yourself and your own life.It also effects your perceptions towards others. Enlightenment changes the way you think about other people by increasing your empathy and compassion.You begin to truly care for others more. And not only that, but you also begin to experience what they’re feeling and thinking. You learn to look at problems from their point of view instead of solely from your own.Empathy and compassion often extends beyond humans towards animals, plants, and the universe at large. This increase in empathy and compassion is often accompanied by a feeling of bliss.

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