5 Unexpected Ways Archangel Michael Can Help You

Discover the power of Archangel Michael! Find out how this divine being can help you in ways you never imagined. Unlock your true potential today.

5 Unexpected Ways Archangel Michael Can Help You

Archangel Michael is a powerful and revered figure in many religious and spiritual traditions.

Known as the defender of the faith and the leader of the armies of God, Michael is said to be a fierce warrior and protector of all that is good and just. He is often depicted with a sword, shield, and armor, ready to battle against the forces of darkness and evil. Michael is also associated with healing, guidance, and wisdom and is a beloved figure to many who seek his help and protection.

Having been sainted by many religions and frequently referenced in the Bible, Archangel Michael is the most commonly known Archangel.

Archangel Michael also has a potent energy and presence, which makes sense since he is known as "the protector" Angel.

Archangel Michael helps humanity in many, many ways. You can call on him for help or comfort at any time. Most people ask him for personal protection, but Archangel Michael can empower, heal, guide, help, and inspire you in many ways!



Archangel Michael's energy, or light, is highly protective. When called upon, it forms an energy shield, helping filter negative energy. Energy protection is a technique to surround your personal energy field (picture yourself inside a giant bubble of energy) with the protective light of Archangel Michael. This light, or aura, is a soft bluish/purple color; visualize yourself in a bubble of that translucent color while calling on Archangel Michael for energy protection.


Sometimes, people behave in negative ways towards us or around us. Whatever the reason for this, when it happens continuously, the impact of the toxic energy cycle can harm us in many ways (emotional, physical, or both). Archangel Michael can help protect us from the individual(s) involved and sever the negative energy by a technique known as "cord cutting."

Ask Archangel Michael to cut any negative energy cord attachments. Energy cords are how people naturally bond energy to each other; they are primarily positive, but negative ones can be formed in these situations. Visualize Archangel Michael cutting these negative cords (they look like tubes or spider web threads); positive ones cannot be cut, so do not be concerned with his mighty sword. You can also ask for his protection from the person.


Archangel Michael can offer guidance, inspiration, and serendipitous advocation for your Life Purpose. Calling on Archangel Michael for help with your Life Purpose alleviates fear, brings ideas, creates opportunities, and motivates you like never before. Think of Archangel Michael as your Life Purpose agent; he wants you to succeed because it is part of his Divine mission!


Aside from energy and personal protection, Archangel Michael can also protect your possessions. You can ask Archangel. Michael to protect your home, car, yard, RV, shopping cart at the store, and anything that needs protection. Ask and picture his bluish/purple bubble around the item.


Fear-based thinking patterns, like worry and doubt, prevent us from aligning with our Life Purpose, living authentically, and creating peace in our lives. Archangel Michael helps us overcome fear and focus on the positive blessings in our lives. You can ask for his help in increasing your awareness of self-sabotaging, negative beliefs, and cutting energy cord attachments that you have to these engrained beliefs. Increased awareness from Archangel Michael will reveal ways you are negatively impacting your life.

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Asking him to cut the negative cord attachments will help you detach from these negative thinking patterns and focus on the positive blessings in your life.