5 Ways To Recognize Divine Guidance

Every single person is intuitive. Learning to decipher the intuitive messages and trust our instincts can be the ultimate game changer in our lives.

5 Ways To Recognize Divine Guidance

Every single person is intuitive and we all have the ability to communicate with the divine.

This is not about worshipping one form of spirit or doing anything that you aren’t comfortable with; free will means it’s your choice. If you are willing to tune in however, spirit is available to help.

For me, that includes God and my guardian angels. Angels are the messengers of God, and as such communication and guidance are their specialties. They are with us to bring about God’s will, which is ultimately peace on Earth. This peace is achieved one person at a time; when you are at peace the world is more peaceful. Angelic guidance is one and the same as communicating with God, it is not separate. Angels aren’t interested in being worshipped, that is a man-made construct; gratitude is what matters because, it is aligned with the energy of peace and love. That energy, peace and love, is the domain of God and the Angels; when you express it you are speaking their language.


Your intuition is the mechanism for receiving divine guidance and counsel. It is one of your senses and you can develop it with practice and faith. Some people are naturally gifted with this sense, and are referred to as intuitive or psychic. In truth, we are all psychic; but many people frequently deny or ignore it for various reasons. Learning to decipher intuitive messages and trust your intuitive instincts can be exceedingly helpful in so many ways. Particularly when it comes to decision making; learning to trust what you know is right for you, and asking for guidance to help reassure you, can alleviate stress, guide you to your purpose and create much more peace in your life.

It really all starts with your free will.
If you feel at all interested in learning more about your intuition, than you are being divinely guided to do so; spirit is reaching out to help you. Simply make the choice and ask your angels “what would you like me to know?”
Learning to recognize guidance is very useful, otherwise you might simply dismiss your intuitive feelings as fake or coincidence.

The most important thing is to learn to not only have faith in God, but faith in yourself.

Trust your instincts and intuition about everything! When you are uncertain, ask your angels for a sign to confirm what you are sensing about a situation, decision, person or anything else.

There are many ways to determine when you are intuitively receiving divine guidance. This guidance will mostly come in the form of your thoughts and feelings (gut feelings); but there are other ways spirit will get your attention that are completely unique to you. After all, each person is totally different, so the forms a of intuitive communication will differ from person to person. That’s why professional psychics all have different modes of communication. To help you begin strengthen your intuitive senses, along with your relationship with spirit, I have detailed 5 ways to recognize divine guidance. I encourage you to read more on this topic if this information resonates with you, it could be the beginning of an amazing, life changing journey; I know it was for me.

1. Divine Guidance Is Not Harmful Or Negative
Angels are beings of pure love and light, negativity does not exist in their realm. Guidance from these messengers of God will never be negative or instructing anyone to do any kind of harm. Divine guidance encourages positive change for your highest good. Sometimes, that may include distancing yourself from certain situations or relationships that cause stress or strife; but only in cases where you are continually being dragged down by them. Divine guidance uplifts and gives hope.

2. Divine Guidance Can Be Felt
Your Solar Plexus chakra, located a couple fingers length above your belly button, is sensitive to energy and intuitive guidance. The “gut feelings” you have about people, decisions, and situations are very real; it is spirit communicating through sensations in your Solar Plexus. Pay attention to this chakra. If you feel tension or nausea, that is a sign something isn’t right for you. If you feel excitement or “butterflies”, you are on the right path; even if it makes you nervous (our dreams lie outside our comfort zone after all).

3. Divine Guidance Feels Good
Even if you cannot explain why, you know at your very core what is best for you. Divine guidance sends you in the right direction, always. Even if that direction currently makes no sense, if just feels right somehow; it feels good. You may have some doubts, but overall following Divine guidance makes you happy or peaceful. Even if you are unable to follow it right away, just acknowledging that you are open to the guidance brings contentment.

4. Divine Guidance Gives Us Signs
Spirit loves to send us lots of signs to support us. Ever have an idea, and then have lots of encounters with the topic in various ways soon after? These are signs; it’s Divine guidance that your idea is for your highest good. This happens all the time, becoming more aware of these signs is helpful and kind of fun! For instance, whenever I’m planning a vacation, I will begin to receive signs when I’m on the right track for where my family should go; from commercials to conversations, I am guided to the best place for us. I’ve become so accustomed to the process, I now just ask my angels to show me the best place and allow the information to come to me. Signs from God make life easier, learning to ask for them is even more powerful.

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5. Divine Guidance Is Ever Present
Divine guidance is not exclusive to times of strife or great need. While praying and asking for God’s counsel and support when there is a problem is absolutely a great idea, it’s not the only time spirit is guiding us. In truth, we are always being communicated with by spirit; developing your intuitive senses allows you to pick up on the messages more frequently. Asking for increased awareness and help is the best way to gain consciousness of Divine guidance, it is like building a relationship with your Divine guidance team. There are a multitude of ways this communication occurs and some will be completely unique to you, because what gets your attention will be quite different then what gets my attention; and spirit wants to get your attention so you tune in. Messages, gut feelings and signs happen all the time, start paying more attention and asking for more guidance whenever you need it.

God and his angels do not want us to suffer in any way; learn to us their guidance to make your life easier and more peaceful.

Originally written by Gina Sendef
Source: onewiselife

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