How to Feel Safe and Protected with the Help of Archangel Michael

How to invoke Archangel Michael's protection.

How to Feel Safe and Protected with the Help of Archangel Michael

There are times when all of us experience feelings of being unsafe. In such moments, we allow our thoughts to rein over us and create monsters that scare the hell out of us. These monsters are usually of our own making but it is hard to see this truth when gripped by fear.

Feelings of fear and lack of safety are all vibrations in our energy field. We have the power to heal them by connecting with the part of us that is well grounded, safe and free from fear.

The energies of the mighty Archangel Michael resonate with strength and courage. Michael represents that aspect of Source (or God) that reflects safety, strength, purity and courage. By connecting with Michael, we allow the same aspect in us to grow stronger. In addition, we can also use the Reiki symbols.


Here are 5 ways to invoke protection and gain strength whenever you feel unsafe.

1. Chanting/ Singing

The moment you notice feelings of being unsafe taking over you, chant or sing Michael’s name and connect with his energy. This is not done as worship. The intention is to connect with Michael’s energy and to thereby get in touch with the aspect in us that represents courage and strength.

2. Home Protection

If you ever feel unsafe at home, either because you live alone or because you have other kinds of irrational fears, you can call on Michael to watch over your home. This is especially powerful when done before bedtime. It can help you sleep in peace. Just before drifting off to sleep, call on Michael and request him to surround your house with his presence. Visualise him standing at the front door and at the back door. Then visualise him standing by the left of your house and also on the right. You will be able to sense his powerful energy envelop your house. Give thanks and fall asleep in peace.

3. Outside Protection

If you are travelling or going to a place that makes you feel unsafe, request Michael to accompany you. All you need to do is say these words before you get going. “Dear Archangel Michael, Please accompany me. Please protect me and help me feel safe. Thank you for your presence.” You can also do this when you find yourself walking or driving alone in an isolated place. You can do this on an aeroplane if flying makes you nervous. You may sense a warm presence beside you or just know that Michael is with you. Irrespective of whether you feel anything or not, calling on Michael will bring his energy to your side. All you need to do is trust.

4. Protection for Children

Children are often afraid of darkness, monsters and the like. But the good thing is that they are also more receptive to divine energies when compared to adults. Let your children know about Archangel Michael. Show them some pictures of Michael from the internet or from your set of oracle cards. Tell them that they can call on Michael any time they feel afraid and that he will be right there to take care of them. If it is a younger child, you can call on Michael on the child’s behalf. Do this loudly so the child hears what you are saying and feels reassured. If your children are older and have begun to move around independently, you can request Michael to accompany them and to keep them safe.

5. Symbol Protection

Apart from calling on Michael, you can also invoke the Reiki symbols. Third degree practitioners can visualise the symbol Dai Ko Myo in front of them. Dai Ko Myo represents truth, light and power. Visualise it over your house at night. Visualise it surrounding your house on all four sides. Second degree practitioners can use Sei He Ki or all three symbols. Chant the names of the symbols for a deeper connection. First degree practitioners can just visualise a blanket of Reiki enveloping them, their house, vehicle etc.

May the energy of Archangel Michael be with you always!

originally written by Haripriya Suraj
via reikiwithfriends
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