A Message For You From Archangel Michael

The Almighty Archangel Michael, the chief of Angels, has a message for you. Read it, and treasure its guidance.

A Message For You From Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Message

“I am  Archangel Michael, also known as “who is like God,” due to being responsible for showering the energy of God down on those who long for it. I operate the Blue Color Ray and use it to protect, defend, and clear away all of the old that you may wish to get rid of for newness to come your way.
I often work through the stones Angelite and Celestite so that you can access more of my power.

I come here today, to give my message of truth to the nations.
Archangel Michael Statue

In what I have to say, do listen.

Since the great rebellion, humankind has used the sacred teachings of my former brothers and sisters in a destructive way. It is the carelessness of mankind that has your world to be filled with sickness, negativity, and corruption.  It has worsened throughout time and is at its climax now. Yet, there of those of you who chose to remain blinded. The elite groups, and those in authority, push technology onto the masses for them to be overly occupied and will never be able to see the reality of this great spiritual war that is going on right under their noses.

Open up thine eyes, and look at the scene set before you!

The violence, crime, and desolation of Earth. All by means of pollution and the hatred accompanied by greed has made Earth the cancer of the Universe without remedy. This is why I am here. To restore the Earth to an even higher vibration that everyone will shift into. I have hundreds of thousands in servitude to this cause.


I will send shocking revelations, in the form of energetic and electromagnetic changes, that will be so obvious. And I will gain this planet’s attention. Just as I do when I am responsible for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and tornadoes. This is not to punish any of you.

It is to send more energy into the atmosphere, and to give you the signs listed in the Book of Revelations. This is to show you, that the prophecies foretold are coming true.

God always does what he says and says what he means. Remain strong and steadfast in all you do. Seek more knowledge and wisdom, and be on high alert concerning everyone and everything during this age of deceit.

There are things hidden in plain sight that, if you pay close attention, you will notice and apply to your life to live a life of happiness. Do not follow the so-called religious leaders of this day, for they have become like the old Sadducees, who became greedy and kept sacred knowledge for themselves. They also work with those, who are of darkness, to cover the rest of the world in darkness while we all work so hard to promote light.

Live with great care! Continue to permeate love, and God’s light, that inside of you all. And help aid in changes being made to the rest of the world!

An extract from "Archangel Michael"
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