A Morning Prayer That Will Change Your Life

This prayer is a powerful declaration and catalyst for change. Try it!

A Morning Prayer That Will Change Your Life

Every morning when we get up out of bed, we have a new chance at life.

The first thoughts we think set the tone for the entire day and, repeated over time, have the power to change the course of our entire lives.

A few years ago, I wrote the following prayer to help me get into alignment before I started my day. I printed it out and hung it in the bathroom where I could read it every day as I got ready.

It’s a prayer to set your intentions for the day, remind you that you are unlimited and that life is always here to support you.

Typically when people think of prayer, they think of asking for something, but in truth, since we are the creators of our own reality, an affirmative prayer is actually the most powerful declaration and catalyst for change.


Morning Prayer

Every morning I start my life anew.

Nothing that I was before determines who I am now
or who I am becoming.

I am guided and protected by God, the universe, my angels.

I watch every thought and word without attachment,
easily shifting to good-feeling thoughts.

I find alignment with ease.

I see the beauty and perfection in everything.

I rejoice in creation and trust in the unknown.

I am infinitely abundant.

I trust and surrender in the flow of life.

I use my power, my word and my energy for good.

I know that NOW is the best moment because
it’s the only thing that’s real.

I release self-importance and see the unity within all things.

I am fully present and actively listening.

I take my time with everything.

I am giving love without conditions and receiving love with grace.

I know how important and loved I am.

I am one-of-a-kind with gifts that cannot be duplicated.

I love myself. I love my life and life loves me.

I hope this prayer is helpful for you in making a shift and creating the life you dream of!

Source: angelina-samadhi
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