Do you want to pray for the protection of your Family?

We believe in the power of Prayer.

We are sure you believe in the power of Prayer, too.

We all need the Angels’ help from time to time, when we are looking for protection, guidance, and also when we need their healing light to solve our physical problems. Do you need a new job? Need to increase your financial wealth? Want to meet your life partner? Have to solve health problems? Know how to release old emotional wounds? Call the angels, pray to them.

Your wishes and dreams are immediately fulfilled as soon as you realize the power of teaming with your Angels. Nothing is impossible for them to handle.

Make the act of praying to your Angels become an essential part of your daily life. Once you decide to open your heart to the Angels your life becomes happier and easier. Amazing things start to happen, synchronicity manifests in many forms, unexpected opportunities that you could not see or imagine open up before your eyes. Obstacles and difficulties that you have long been struggling with spontaneously fade away.

It's time to stop feeling powerless, complaining about misfortune.

Recruit legions of Angels at your beck and call to obtain success at work, in relationships, and in society. Just be ready to ask and open to receive. All you need to do to invoke the Angels at your side and to pray to them. Let your prayers become your daily instruments to connect with your Angels. They will bring love, happiness, wealth, health, and good luck into your life.
The Angels are just waiting for you to invite them into your world.

How can the Angels help you in a practical way?
Here are some examples:

The Angels can help you make contact with the right people you need to meet at a perfect time: a new partner, new friends, more customers for your business, good advice to invest your money, personal referral to get you a new and better job,…
The Angels can provide you with the resources you need to fulfil your practical needs: financial support, supplies, education, wealth for your family, the perfect spot for your new house,…
The Angels can give you strength when you feel overwhelmed and help you to stay calm when everything around you is a mess.
The Angels help you to make wise decisions, to stay positive in difficult times, and they also help you to achieve a higher self-love and self-respect. Everyone around you will acknowledge you for who you are: a divine being full of positive resources. All you have to do is to start praying to your Angels and let them help you.

Your prayers will put Angels at work and nothing makes an Angel happier than to help you. Every time you ask for help, an Angel fulfils its mission, and you achieve your goals and live a miraculous life!

Now we share with you a powerful prayer for the protection of your Family. May this angelic prayer help your family stay out of danger, safe and protected.


An Angelic Prayer for the Protection of The Family

Dear Angel,

I pray for your physical, emotional and spiritual protection over my family. Please, hold them under the shield of your caring protection. Keep them safe. Protect them from any danger and risk. Protect them from any negativity, seen or unseen. Protect them from dark shadows and hostile entities of the unseen world. Cancel all negative thoughts and actions directed toward them. Please, encompass my loved ones in your blessing and protection. May your wings be a barrier that surrounds them so that they may always feel safe and out of danger in your mighty arms. Please shine your light brightly upon them so that their hearts may always be lifted above any weight.


One of the greatest and most lasting gift you can give to your children and grandchildren is to pray for them. Here is another prayer for your children and grandchildren


Dear Angel,

please watch over my children, comfort them and protect them. Help them cultivate a merciful heart, a resolute mind and a daring spirit. Please, as they grow older, guide them to grow wiser. Help them pursue their dreams and follow their passions so that they may have a fulfilling and successful life. Please, protect them from falling into bad company and following dangerous paths. Guide them to meet kind-hearted and inspiring people to share their life journey with. Help them be respectful and dutiful when they are young, and become righteous people when they grow older. Bestow upon them your grace, give them the gift of faith so that they may face and overcome every challenge that may come their way with a confident spirit. Please, let them know that they are and will always be unconditionally loved by me, and they are the most cherished and precious thing in my life.

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The Angels are just waiting for you to invite them into your world, and the best way to ask and receive help from the Angels is through the power of Prayer. The Angels are listening!

The power of Prayer knows no limits, and there's nothing the Angels cannot do for you. Through the power of Prayer, you put your Angels at work, wonderful things begin to happen, and miracles become normality!

So say a prayer to the Angels right now and start living a miraculous life!

Dear Angel... Prayers for Healing Miracles, Protection, Guidance, and Financial Blessings

Through the power of these Prayers, you put your Angels at work, wonderful things begin to happen, and miracles become normality!