An extraordinary sensitivity is a gift because it gives us the miracle of an extremely compassionate nature. However, at the same time it leads us to absorb and take charge of the feelings of the people around us.

Here, an angelic prayer for empaths to protect and nurture their gift of sensitivity.


Dear Angel,

please, help me not deny or repress my sensitivity and not label myself as weak because of it. Give me guidance so that I may recognize and accept my sensitivity as a gift that brings me the ability to empathize and the blessing of a compassionate nature. Please, help me not to be constantly drawn into other people’s drama because of my empathic nature. Guide me to set healthy boundaries for my own wellness. Help me be there for others but never leave myself behind. Please, open my life to the limitless potential of my empathic nature and guide me to put my gift of sensitivity to the service of others. Inspire me to truly live my divine purpose so that I may awaken the light within me and the power of committed love in action.

silhouette photo of person sitting on rock at the seashore
Photo by Josh Adamski / Unsplash

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