Ask your angels for guidance and assistance with any specific life scenario or issue that you are considering making changes to. Once you learn to communicate with your Angels your life will change forever and lead you into new directions you never could have imagined.

When you follow your Angels' guidance miracles happen!


Dear Angel,

please, help me get away from the noise of the world, help me to be still so that I may give myself time and space to listen to you. Help me connect to your heavenly guidance and never miss a word of your precious promptings. Please, calm my emotions and mind, so that I may discern the precious guidance you offer me. Every time you whisper your gentle advice to me, please, help me recognize and trust your voice. Help me burn away my ego and false pride so that I may be open and willing to follow your divine guidance. Make stronger and clearer the intuitive thoughts I receive from you so that I may fully profit from your blissful assistance and wise advice. I ask you for guidance to find the strength to be gentle, the humbleness to forgive, the willingness to be understanding, and the openness to love and be loved in return



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