There is no greater forgiveness than the forgiveness for oneself.


Only when you forgive yourself, can you allow yourself to be worthy of love, abundance and happiness.

Try this angelic prayer for self-forgiveness!


Dear Angel,

Please, help me forgive myself. Whatever I have done, give me the strength, the courage and the wisdom to forgive myself. Guide me to overcome every mistake I have ever made with the healing power of self-forgiveness. I ask you to help me to stop punishing myself for the mistakes I have made. Please, remind me that the greatest lessons I have learned in life come from my mistakes. Give me the awareness that I cannot change my past or undo my mistakes. Help me stop judging and condemning myself because of them. Please, never stop whispering to me “You are forgiven.” until I ultimately release my need for atonement and forgive myself, now and forever.


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