Do you feel anxious and stressed and are looking for stress relief? Even a small problem appears as a high mountain to climb? Relieve anxiety and stress with this angelic prayer.


Dear Angel,

I feel exhausted, frustrated and stressed out. Lately I feel as though I have been a magnet for difficulties and unfortunate mishaps. In these days, even a little problem appears to me like a high mountain to climb. I ask your guidance to get through this difficult time. Please, help me remove everything that is causing me stress. Help me to not rush with an anxious mind and also take things one step at a time. Lift me up from my concerns, enable me to live a stress-free life. When an anxious thought pops into my mind, help me relax and turn my stress into a deep stillness. Calm the turbulent sea of my thoughts and fill me to the brim with your heavenly peace. Never allow the stress of daily life to ruin my mood and diminish my joy of living. It does not matter what happens, what other people around me do, help me to remain quiet and radiate love.


Eager for more angelic prayers? Blessings, protection, guidance...

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