Say this Prayer if someone dear to you is facing a health issue.

With the power of this Prayer, you will strengthen your dear ones in their fight against the disease, and soon they'll heal from their suffering.

Dear Angel,

I pray for .... (person’s name).

I ask you, please, for them to recover from any sickness. Relieve the emotional and physical pain caused by their illness. Watch over them, infuse them with a restless desire for healing. Guide and inspire their doctors so they may find the right medicines and treatments to ease their distress and overcome their illnesses. Please, wrap them with your wings as an inviolable shield of light so they may be restored to perfect health. Infuse them with your blessing energy to heal them from their sickness. Grant them comfort in their suffering. Give them the grace to bear their affliction with strength and hope. Never let them be discouraged and fill their spirit with confidence so they may face these challenging moments with a brave spirit.

No matter what challenge you're encountering, no matter how hopeless a situation seems, nothing is impossible to your Angels!  Just get ready to ask and be open to receive.

Feature Image by Sharon McCutcheon from Unsplash