We all deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life.

We, as human beings, have been gifted with unlimited potential for love, joy, health, and wealth. A happy and fulfilled life is what God wants for us. And God created the Angels, mighty and potent supernatural beings who help us all along our life path. Angels are, without a shadow of a doubt, the most important gift God has given us.

The Angels are here to help us fulfill all our dreams. With their help, we can receive health, protection, abundance and also manifest all our desires and make them true.

The Angels were created to stand by our side, protect us, comfort us, encourage and help us to live the life we were born for - a life of happiness, joy, prosperity, and peace.

We deserve to have it all, to be happy and fulfilled.

This is what God wants for us. To make this happen He created the Angels, to accompany and protect us on our life path, from the moment of our birth. The Angels were created to stand by our side, protect us, comfort us, encourage us and help us to live the life we were born for - a life of happiness, joy, prosperity, and peace.

The time has come to put aside all our fears, insecurities, thoughts of helplessness, frustration and self-depreciation. To help us solve all our problems (health issues, money issues, relationship issues) we have the most powerful allies in the Universe at our side: the Angels. God, in His immense Love, has given us Angels to protect and also to help us manifest all our heart’s desires.

The best way to ask for Angels’ help is by praying to them. Praying to the Angels is the best way to get in touch with them, expressing our desires, asking for help, protection, and any other action the Angels can take for our Good.

By praying to the Angels, we can manifest the reality we desire. Praying to the Angels can help us achieve prosperity, health and anything we want as long as we believe in our inner power and the ability of the Angels in helping us.

Together as a close-knit team, you and your Angels are invincible.

Do you want to make Angels happy? Ask them for help. And it is precisely when you ask for their help that they can fulfill themselves and fulfill the mission for which they were created.

Praying to the Angels does not mean putting God aside, but honoring the gift He has given us, putting our invisible and faithful helpers at our side: the Angels.

The importance of prayer to the Angels

When we realize how powerful the Angels are, we instantly become aware of the power of Prayer.

Angels are pure love, they are unable to judge and therefore we must feel worthy of asking for their help. They don't know what evil is, they only see our soul, our purest essence and they recognize us for it. We must never forget to greet them, in the morning and the evening. And we must also get into the habit of turning to them for every desire we have, asking them to help us satisfy it with humility, with a pure and sincere heart.

And we must never forget to thank them either.

How many times have you risked having an accident? How many times have you "miraculously" avoided some dangerous situation? In all these circumstances it was the intervention of the Angels that protected you from harm. Get used to thank them for their help and protection.

If you get used to communicating, talking to them, and praying to them, the Angels will make their presence be felt by you. You will also feel their loving warmth and their loving strength. They will begin not only to protect you whenever you are in danger but also to help you fulfill all your wishes.

To change your life, to get back on track, to definitively overcome the frustration you feel for not fulfilling your desires, get used to praying to Angels.

Everything becomes easier with the help of the Angels. Leave your worries, your anxieties, your fears to them. Express your wishes to the Angels and let them take care of everything. You will gratefully witness the miracles of your manifestation taking place. What was once a wish will become your reality. Amen!