Pick An Image To Discover the Angel Message that Guides You to the Right Path

This test guides you to discover the Angel message that is right for you at this particular moment in life.

Pick An Image To Discover the Angel Message that Guides You to the Right Path

We can bet that all of you heard the term ‘ guardian angel’ and know the concept of the ‘spiritual guardian’. Especially during difficult times, their guidance can help us overcome challenges, make the right decisions, stay calm and move forward to a better future. However, not everybody knows which are the traits of our own guardian angels. Our subconscious can be sometimes ‘tricky’ and it becomes difficult to choose the right path for our life.  This test guides you to find out which is the one that is right for you at this particular moment in life.

The following two simple tests are going to guide you to the right path.

Let's start with the first test: Pick one image of the three given in the picture below:


1. The time to stand up for yourself has come. This is the time when you need to analyze all things and take a good look at yourself. You’ve been obsessed with other people for so long, but not in a bad way. You appreciated the good qualities in others and showed true respect.

However, this is the time when you have to acknowledge, accept, focus on and develop your wonderful qualities and traits.

You also need to understand that the others are just your reflection and your consciousness and soft soul creates the world around you, at least the ‘world’ that is seen through your eyes. Don’t you ever put yourself down, focus more on your needs and nurture yourself.


2. You’ve been ‘chilling’ for so long. You lived boemic and passionate life. You know how to admire the quality things in life and you have a style. Your social connections and reputation are on the highest level, but still, you’re subconsciously bothered by the material reality and you are secretly beating yourself over it. Your search for a higher purpose and that’s what you truly need.

You have to find a balance between the material and the spiritual world.

Your great ambitions and superb qualities will also work in the spiritual work. By accomplishing your ‘misson’ to establish the perfect balance between the material and spiritual world, you will find wholeness and true happiness.


3. Your dreams are becoming reality!
This is a wonderful period for you, your family and everything that ‘orbits’ around all of the important things in life. You already set your priorities, and now the time has come to make all of your dreams come true.

The cosmic energy and good karma is on your side, but you need to take a little rest and focus more on keeping your mind and spirit strong under the huge pressure.

Simple meditation and spiritual practices will help you keep your stability and balance. You must not give up on the pressure ( of course, it will be high as much as the stacks) but in the end, your reward will make you feel fulfilled, at ease and will open many new horizons and new journeys for your soul.

And now take another test: Select An Image And Reveal Your Angel Message

Sometimes we receive messages in the form of friends giving advice, animal messengers, and in this case, being drawn to a certain image.

Take a moment and look at the pictures below. Choose the one you feel most drawn to and your angel message will be revealed.


If you selected Picture A:


This is a really good time. Either you can already feel the ease in your life, or it will soon feel that way. The energetic conditions are right for success in whatever project you are involved in. This is because you have made good choices.

Your dream is now coming true. It is time to get the benefits of a project, venture, or idea you planted some time back. It wasn’t easy to get here.

There were times you doubted your success. And yet the time has come now that you receive the benefits of your hard work. Now you can either build upon your successes, or you can move on from them, and set new goals, start something new.

And as you start something new, have patience, do it after reflecting on the goals and your next steps. There could be travel involved for your work.

If you selected Picture B:


It is time you sat up and took a good look at yourself. You find wonderful qualities in others and admire them. While this is a great trait to have, do not forget that what you recognize in others is present in you as well. Others are just a reflection of you, showing you back what you are. So don’t put yourself down. When you recognize something good about another, remind yourself that you recognized it because you have a trait very similar to that within you. You often think others are better than you.

It is time you let go of thinking less of yourself and recognize your own beauty, talents, and creativity.

As you start to improve your own self-perception, you become a strong force of positive change in this world. And allowing yourself to shine as your true self will open up doors of abundance, success, and endless blessings. You will see!

If you selected Picture C:


If you have been indulging a bit on relaxing more, chilling out, or in food, relationships, material possessions, and have been secretly beating yourself over it….stop. As long as you don’t overdo it, a little bit of indulgence is perfectly OK.

Life is not only about work, seriousness, and responsibilities. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Yes, an excess of anything leads to an imbalance in your life and in your energy. Whether that excess is in indulging in the goodies, or in overworking yourself.

A balanced approach is needed. Look towards bringing more balance in your life and work on balancing your energy. And at the same time, make sure you are not beating yourself up for anything. That will not help you with anything.

There is no need to deny yourself of pleasures in life. Just keep in mind to come back to balance.

Call the Angels, pray to them. Your wishes and dreams are immediately fulfilled as soon as you realize the power of teaming with your Angels.  Nothing is impossible for them to handle.

Here two prayers for you. From our book of angelic prayers.

An Angelic Prayer to Break Generational Curses

A generational curse stems from negative patterns of your family history that are repeated in your own life. If you feel that your life is affected by a generational curse, the time has come to break it. Pray this angelic prayer.


Dear Angel,

please, help me break all generational curses that cause me misfortune and sadness. Watch over me and my family and cover us with your shield of protection against them. Nullify them, set me free from all the curses brought by the faults of my ancestors. Please, help me heal these weaknesses and emotional wounds that have been passed through the blood from generation to generation. Guide me not to go through life struggling with the same chains and issues that my parents have struggled with, so that they will  not be transferred to my children or to my children’s children. Never allow my children and the children of my children to suffer because of unresolved generational issues. Instruct me, set me free from all generational curses, now and forever, for my own sake and for the sake of my future generations.
> Amen.


An Angelic Prayer in the Midst of Change

Times of transition and change can be overwhelming, specially when the change is sudden and unexpected. Are you facing an important change in your life right now? Try this angelic prayer to "survive" this unexpected change with a quiet heart and a peaceful mind.


Dear Angel,

things in my life are now changing in an unforeseen way, please, help me accept this challenging moment with confident spirit and not try to hold on to what is changing. Please, reassure me, infuse me with faith, so that I may trust God's unfathomable plan for my life. Tell me that everything is going to be ok, help me face this unexpected change with a quiet heart and a peaceful mind. Fill me with strength so that, instead of feeling the pain of the end, I may feel the joy of a new beginning. Please, help me to not look back but move forward. Make me flexible and open to change. Make me ready to let go of the life I had planned and let the signs show me the way so that I may confidently follow the ever-surprising path of my life. Help me always remember that God has a plan for me and my job isn’t to be in control of it: it’s just to trust and go along with it.

Photo by Jen Theodore / Unsplash

Remember this: every prayer is being listened to, at any time, by your Angels. Every prayer is answered and Grace is always granted. You are unconditionally loved by Angels.

Imagine that your desire has come true. Do not focus on ‘how’ it has happened, but only on the fact that it ‘has happened’. Imagine what you would like to achieve in your life, then start to feel as if you had already achieved it. In a prayer, what always matters is the feeling of being and of having what you wish for.

Imagine, for example, that you wish help from your Angels in manifesting a new job. You’ll have to be in fine tune with the essence of what you want and ‘see’ yourself in your new job. You need to dive deep into the vibes and feelings of having what you want to create. When you set an intention with a mindset of openness to receive, you affirm that what you are seeking is already being provided, is already created and made available for your use.

As you learn to clear out blocks, patterns, and karmic connections that no longer serve you, you are better able to receive your heart’s desires You start to see that all is in Divine Order and you can relax more into acceptance of what flows in your life.

Be Grateful

To thank the Angels is really important, but not for them, because giving is their true nature. They give for the pure joy of giving. To thank them is important for you because gratitude always brings more blessings. The feeling of gratitude is like a signal that you send to the Universe showing that you are open to receive.

It’s like a powerful magnet that attracts complementary energies into your life. This is why you have to send your gratitude to the Angels even though they have no need for thanks.

From our book 365 Prayers to the Angels


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