Look at the 3 cards and select your favorite card, the one with which you resonate the most. Heed that feeling that tells you which letter to choose because right in that card there is an important life message.

So all you have to do is select your favorite card and discover your message of happiness:


1. Letter of Patience:

This letter comes to you to tell you that life is perfect and that there are 3 virtues that make all goals and big dreams come true: persistence, positivism and PATIENCE. Every day hundreds of situations occur, some happy and others that test your strength and desire to prosper, the important thing to remember is that every situation that happens in your life, simple as it seems is preparing you for a moment yet to come; for this reason, don’t let a situation determine your attitude, but your attitude and courage dictate the development of each situation. Patience: Soon you will reap everything you sow.

2. It’s your Time:

This letter comes to your life to tell you that it’s your time: your time to allow yourself to be happy, to allow prosperity, joy, love and all good things to manifest in your world. The universe always gives us what we firmly believe we deserve, so today’s message for you is to remember how wonderful you are and how you deserve all the good things in your life, so that all these good things begin to become reality.

Remember that a small change in your belief system can transform your universe, which is why today, open your arms wide and proclaim that this is your time, that you accept all the good the creative force is willing to give you and that there is only room for love, kindness and prosperity in your life.

3. Letter of Force:

This letter comes to your life to say “trust in yourself” because trust is a force of nature. It’s natural that at times when things get a bit difficult, the important thing to remember is that each day your willpower is huge, that you have great goals to achieve and that one of your greatest motivations are the people you love. Wherever there is trust, willpower and desire for prosperity, miracles always occur. That is why your invitation for today is to give your plans and desires to God and to the universe, so that you can receive wisdom and strength to be able to realize them. When you know what you want, if you want it with enough strength and you believe in yourself, you will always find the path that leads to your purpose.

Strength, strength and even more strength is all you need to fly high and reach for the sky.

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