How Angels Work Through Us To Help Others

You can become an angels’ messenger. Learn how.

How Angels Work Through Us To Help Others

Sometimes while walking through the park, we just feel the need to smile at a stranger passing by for no reason at all. Maybe while sitting on a bench, we suddenly engage in a conversation with a stranger.
Doesn’t it all feel a bit silly? But at that moment, we see their faces light up. However, small and trivial the act may be, it makes a difference. For this person, this silly conversation may be a sign of hope, a message coming straight from their angels.


Natural Messengers
You must have seen children going out and interacting with other people without any problem. And why shouldn’t it be like that? Children are naturals at it. They have such innocents minds that Angels could communicate freely with them. A child will have no hesitation to go and talk to a stranger or be kind enough to pick a flower for them.

Angels’ Messengers
As adults, we become more closed. But it shouldn’t be like this, right? We should start being more aware of the thoughts that come to our heads to do something for someone, especially a stranger. We just need to go and do it. We are all angels’ messengers. If we don’t respond to the angels, it becomes difficult for them to communicate with us.

I don’t think you want that. We should always remember that the signs we give could save someone’s life. Maybe the person we are talking to is depressed, desperate and down. Maybe they feel like nobody loves them. You are asked to do this trivial act of kindness for them. It can be a small gesture for you, but it could mean the world for them. It will give them the hope and will to live again.

We, like angels’ messenger, are powerful with our kindness.
It’s not always that we have to initiate it. Sometimes, strangers can be our angels too. They can bring our angels’ messages to us. Maybe you have already experienced it. Someone, somewhere – perhaps, a bus driver, or a neighbor’s child, or a shop assistant – may come and say something that will leave a deep impression on you.

It might be a message of encouragement, or something more powerful – a message of hope, something we’d hoped would come from someone we love, someone close to us, someone who’s not around anymore. Don’t doubt these feelings.

These are moments to acknowledge the connection we have with angels, cherish them and always be hopeful.

Let us be like children – natural messengers of angels. We should stop doubting and start helping others. Maybe, some amazing message from our angels is coming down to us, right now!

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