Angels are entities from the World of Spirit that have been travelling with making for a long time. They have a completely different frequency from humans and have a much different frequency from humans, including the deceased. They are pulsing with a Divine energy even their presence only, seen or unseen, can change the atmosphere in a room and the mood of those nearby them.

Ways of the Angels

Angel comes from the Greek word Άγγελος which literally translates as the Messenger. Angels were always considered to bring divine messages and guidance to humans in order to help them progress with their lives in our physical world, get in touch with their spirit, raise their awareness and frequency and bring them closer to their higher self that resides in each and every one of us.

Angels are always near and always available should you wish to talk to them, however, as our awareness may be limited we do not always feel their presence directly nor are we accustomed to tune in their frequency and witness them with our physical senses or as Bjork, the famous Icelandic singer has said

"All is full of Love, you just ain’t receiving, your phone is off the hook."


It is true that we all receive angelic guidance in various ways and usually the most effective are those when our defences – our fear, doubt or logic to name a few are lowered. This usually happens during dreams where our conscious self is literally resting and is being less defensive.

Other ways to experience angels is to tune in their frequency by calling them through prayer, meditation or by practising our psychic abilities/senses.

Let’s have a look at some of the signs that angels may use in order to help you feel their presence and ensure you that you are being loved and you are not alone in your journey.

1. Scents

One very common way that angels may use in order to show their presence is through smell, a sense which is not receiving too many stimuli in the modern world and at the same time can bring up old memories. The smell of flowers, trees or smells that are familiar and loving while brings us happy memories is one of their ways.

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2. Feelings

Have you ever experienced a sudden warm feeling of love, compassion and benevolence. Rest assured an angel is sending you their loving and nurturing energy that we sometimes forget to give to ourselves. Remember this is a reminder of how you were born to experience life and instead let other feelings which make you feel powerless, unloved and weak perish.
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3. Sudden insights

Have you ever woke up with a feeling that you have not seen/remember seeing a dream yet you feel that you have received an answer? Have you ever had a sudden insight about something really deep in your life that came to an unexpected moment? Angels will send us their messages and help us discover the truth that we are all seeking and the easiest way is when we are less expecting/demanding it. Remember no prayer remains unanswered.

4. Gifts from the spirit world

Have you ever found an object which felt that was left on your path especially for you? It is well known that angels along with other spirit allies leave us with messages in the way we are actually used to, the material way.

These gifts, as simple as they may be, are symbols and carry messages for you in order to view your life through a different prism. Attune yourself with the energy of the object and see what comes forth. The answer may surprise you.

5. Our body

Another material way that our Spirit Friends may use in order to make themselves present is “body language”. Our bodies are equipped with a nervous system that is far more sensitive than we can imagine. Feeling the chills, an electric current on your spine, a touch or warmth is a way that Angels may use in order to reassure you that they are around.
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6. Voices

Oh the voices in my head! Hearing messages in our mind or whispers is another way that messages from the Angelic realm are transmitted to us. Many great mediums use clairaudience as way to communicate with the spirit and hear their wise words of support and guidance.

7. Images

The common saying ‘A picture is a thousand words’ also applies to our communication with Angels. If you suddenly see an image in your mind’s eye or in our every day world this can be another way that your message is being delivered. Angels speak to us in ways that are far more profound than our human logic can sometimes perceive. Explore the message and if the picture still doesn’t make sense to you ask for further guidance.

8. Dreams

Talking about images – interactions with Angels can happen during our sleep, when our body is very relaxed and our mind is not trying to block a message. The dream can be self-explanatory itself, for example you have a conversation with another being, human or not, and you receive guidance directly through your dialogue.

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Rest assured, even if you do not remember the conversation when you wake up, the message has been received and will manifest itself in many different ways. Ask for clarification if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Now, if you see a dream that you know comes from a Higher Power but still does not make sense, a good practice is to record it the moment you are awake-yes, it is great if you can keep a notepad next to your bed- as many details are lost as our brain moves from the resting to the waking phase.

Believe me the moment you are starting to writing the dream as you remember it, more details will come forward.

Again, do not be afraid to ask for clarification of a message, after all the intention is to have a two way dialogue between you and your Angel.

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