How To Attract Good Luck And Abundance With The Help Of The Angels

Learn how to attract good luck and abundance with the help of the Angels.

How To Attract Good Luck And Abundance With The Help Of The Angels

Good Luck Is Knowing That Nothing Is Impossible To Spirit And There Are Unlimited Ways For Good To Come To You

This Angel has come to you today to bring you the happy news that Good Luck is headed your way! Are you open to receiving it? The more you can open your heart, mind and soul to receive this wonderful energy the bigger the manifestation shall be!

Yet even as this Angel is alerting you that Good Luck is on its way, it also greatly desires for you to understand the underlying mechanics of what attracts Good Luck so that you may experience it as an everyday occurrence and with far greater abundance.

Good Luck and Abundance are much more than a fortunate happenstance.


You can learn how to manifest an ongoing abundance of Good luck in your life and this Angel is going to teach you how. Good Luck is really nothing more than a greater willingness to accept all the Good that the Source of Life has intended for you to have all along.

It isn’t something that only the "lucky few" get to enjoy in life, for Good Luck is an energy that is constantly seeking us all out, wanting to be expressed with greater fullness in each of our lives. What stops it from being able to do so is our own feeling of unworthiness and a belief that luck is something that only favours the few.

People who do experience an abundance of Good Luck in their lives all have several things in common, the first and most important being that they simply expect it. When a problem or challenge arises, they believe that somehow, things will be sorted out in ways that are to their great benefit and joy. When they desire to advance in their careers, they truly expect that someone will appear to give them a boost up. No matter what, they know that they will connect with the right person, the right set of circumstances, the right knowledge or answers that they need to continue moving forward in ways that allows life to ever more fully Bless them.

These folks believe that they are indeed Lucky and that Good Luck seeks them out in ever more expanding ways for indeed it must.
What one believes is what one must attract, and this Angel is here to share with you that if it is more Good Luck that you are seeking, then you too must begin to believe that Good Luck is seeking you out as well.

Good Luck and Abundance Flow To You When You Heed Your Inner Guidance


This Angel also teaches us that Good Luck happens most often when we listen to and follow our own intuition. People who are blessed with abundance and Good Luck invariably speak of how often they had a hunch or nudge to do something or even not do something, and when they followed this Inner Advice, things always took a lucky turn for them. It's amazing how often Lottery winners have mentioned that they bought the winning ticket because they felt a nudge within themselves to do so. One man won because though he rarely bought a Lottery ticket, he felt such a strong urge to buy one right before a drawing that he actually turned his car around and drove several miles back to a shop he had been in earlier that evening. He went in, bought his ticket and soon discovered that he was holding the winning ticket!

One fellow who always seemed to have the best of luck responded when asked why he was so lucky that it was because he had learned through the years to pay close attention to his inner nudges and urges. Never had these nudges steered him wrong and he always landed in clover when he listened! He said that he truly felt that something is always guiding him, protecting him and steering him into the best of all possible circumstances. Certainly this Angel is at play in this man's life!

The Angel of Good Luck also desires for you to know that Good Luck manifests when we are paying attention to what is happening in the present moment. Being fully awake and aware plays such an important role in our ability to attract more Good Luck for the simple reason that being in this state of mind helps you to become automatically attuned to new and favourable opportunities when they present themselves to you.

By being fully attuned to what is happening in the present moment, you become much more aware of possible opportunities as they arise.

Yet as this Angel would say, it's a bit of a paradox. You are alert to the potential of Good Luck occuring and yet not pushing the river so to speak by trying to make it happen. What you are really doing is saying to The Universe "I am open and ready for something rather wonderful to happen, and yet at the same time, I am also content to simply go about my day focused on what is presently in front of me". This opens the door for Good Luck to happen, because you are alert to it's possibility and yet you are not trying to create the set of circumstances needed for its manifestation. This Angel says, "Leave the details of the how and when to The Universe. Your job is to stay alert and just allow it all to unfold in the way that is highest and best for you". And that is really all there is to it! People who experience an abundance of Good Luck are always open to the right set of circumstance's occuring in their lives.

They don't concern themselves with the how, they simply focus on what they are wanting and expect that their ability to attract Good Luck shall bring what they are wanting to them. With this Angel's help, you too can learn how to do the same.

This Angel is also here to help you understand that Good Luck is born of the emotion of Joy.

Feeling joyful and choosing to see the good in all of life is a powerful attractor of Good Luck.

All that you could possibly desire to be, do or have is attracted by the emotion of Joy. For when we are in a state of Joy, we are also in a Divine state of Love. And when we are feeling Joyful, expressing our Joy and feeling all the Love that must spring forth from within when we are in a state of Joy, we then become powerful magnets for that which we call Good Luck. It happens easily and effortlessly, it flows into our lives in greater and greater abundance. It sweeps us along as a mighty and powerful force that knows no limitations or boundaries.

It allows us a greater glimpse of all the potential we hold within, feeding and nourishing it that it may be expressed with greater ease and fullness in our lives. For this is what Good Luck truly is. It is the stepping stone to helping us express more of our full potential, not an end unto itself. When you grasp this and take this awareness into the deepest part of your being, then Good Luck shall flow to you as a mighty river and there shall be nothing that you cannot achieve or attain!

Be Willing For New, Expansive Good Luck To Come To You Right Now By Releasing That Which No Longer Serves You

Lucky events happen to those who are willing to undergo changes in their lives. Someone may wish for a "lucky break" that will launch them into a new relationship or career change and yet if that person at a deeper level is unwilling to allow these sorts of changes in their life to occur, then they won't. The person may blame it on "bad luck" or "no luck at all" yet in fact, an unwillingness to change at a deeper level can actually be protecting someone from making a change before they are truly prepared for it. They may not be able to reap the full benefit from the change until a later time, thus a part of themselves that is far wiser may be resisting allowing the "lucky break" to occur. Certainly when this happens it can be terribly frustrating and yet think of it this way; it is also a grand opportunity to understand more about yourself and what may really be holding you back. Perhaps there are some inner conflicts between the desire of having something vs. what you may feel you are gaining from not having it.

If this is the case, then even if you received what you were wanting you may have ended up sabotaging your Good Luck because you weren't really ready for it and couldn't handle the changes as gracefully as you might otherwise have. Sometimes what seems like Good Luck can actually have a detrimental impact on someone's life if they weren't in fact prepared for it. There are many stories of people who have won large sums of money for example only to lose it all and even more because they had not really worked through their issues around money before they won. This Angel wants you to understand that preparing the inner ground for Good Luck to fluorish in your life is just as important as preparing the soil in a garden before the seeds are planted.

When care is taken, then all must grow and blossom as it was meant to!

So listen closely, what might this Angel be suggesting to you right now that would help you prepare your own inner ground so that Good Luck can take deeper root in your own life?


This Angel is also asking right now for you to become more aware of how willing you are to allow changes to enter your life. She says that you do have complete control over these changes so there really is nothing to fear and she is here with you in every moment to help Guide you in whatever way you may need. Trust in her for she has only your best interests at heart!

Reflect Upon All The Times Good Luck Has Shined Upon You In Your Life & Ask For More

Now sit back, take a deep breath and begin to reflect upon all the times in your life when you have experienced good luck. Even people who feel that the only luck they have ever had is bad can often find even a few instances when Good Luck did occur for them. If only those folks had understood that by focusing on all their bad luck, they were actually pushing away the good! Yet even if this has been true for you as well, right now, this very minute, you can begin to change this for yourself. You see, what this Angel is telling you is that we get to choose our thoughts.


We get to select what we desire to reflect upon.
It really is up to us to make the choices in our thoughts and actions that best reflect the lives we desire to live! Through the Bible we are told "As a man thinketh, so he becomes". This Angel is here now to say to you that when you choose to reflect and focus upon being a lucky person, then in truth this is what you must become.

Good Luck is always with us even as this Angel is always with us.

Life was meant to be fun and joyful, to be filled with happy surprises and Good Luck.

By working with this Angel you shall find that Good Luck has truly been seeking you all along!

What to watch for with this Angel's presence:

You may feel the need to just sit quietly to get a better sense of what this Angel's presence feels like to you. For many people, this Angel's energy feels very warm and soothing, yet exciting and uplifting at the same time. For you it may be quite similar or very different, yet however you experience this Angel's energy know that it is indeed right for you. As you become more attuned to her energy, you will be better able to sense when Good Luck is on its way to you for you will feel the energy of this Angel before the manifestation occurs. And by simply basking from time to time within her energy you are automatically attracting more Good Luck to you!

You may find yourself asking this Angel to help you to prepare and clear out any resistance to the changes you desire so that you are truly ready to allow the changes that an ever increasing flow of Good Luck is going to bring into your life. Remember that the rate of change is totally in your hands so know that you can feel totally at peace with this process.

This Angel will often find many ways to connect you with people who appear to live a "charmed life" that you may learn from them. In what ways do these people act and think? What is it that they do that attracts Good Luck so easily to them? This Angel works through people who appear to be "naturally lucky" because she knows that it is often easier for us to learn by example than through any other method. Immersing yourself in the energy of folks like these will help you to both attract and increase your own share of Good Luck substantially. And don't discount that you could connect with these people in any number of ways! It may be that you do meet with folks like these face to face or through books, a programme on the television or a radio talk show.

Be open to this process and delight in whatever way it comes about for you.


Ways to work with this Angel: Ask this Angel to help you focus your thoughts more and more on being a lucky person and to help you better remember all the times you have indeed been very lucky in your life. She will be more than happy to help you with this! You can even turn this into a game to share with friends and family who are open to the process. For example, why not have weekly or monthly get-togethers where everyone can share lucky events that have been happening for them. What a wonderful way to not only renew the bonds of Love that connect you to others who are precious to you, but also to serve as a reminder that Good Luck is here for all of us. And be sure to invite this Angel to attend for she loves nothing more than sharing in the laughter and joy that Good Luck brings with it!

This suggestion comes from Dr. Richard Wiseman's book The Luck Factor. He recommends keeping a Luck Journal, writing down every evening something Lucky that happened for you during the day.

It may be a very simple experience such as finding a coin on the street or something bigger such as having a problem at work resolving itself easily and effortlessly. No matter what form Good Luck takes in your life, by noticing and taking the time to write it down and appreciate it, you will automatically attract an even greater expression of it to you.
Good Luck!

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