Can Babies See Angels?

If you have seen your baby staring at the ceiling and smiling, it is a big possibility that your baby is communicating with their guardian angel.

Can Babies See Angels?

Every human being is born with a guardian angel who helps them in their passage from the world of the spirit to the earthly realm.

Newborn babies are so close to Heaven that they can see Angels and easily communicate with them.

So, if you have ever seen your baby staring at the ceiling and smiling, there is a big possibility that your baby is communicating with their guardian angel.

The following text about babies and guardian angels is taken from our book for children, "Emily and Seraphiel."  Emily is a little girl who does not believe in Angels. Nor can she imagine meeting one, especially at the end of the worst day of her life. All Emily wants to do is go to bed, sleep well, and forget this horrible day. But many exciting things are about to happen on the most incredible evening of her life. Emily meets Seraphiel, her Guardian Angel, and a world of wonderful creatures opens up before her eyes. She discovers the magical world of Angels. She also meets her new superhero, the Archangel Michael.

Seraphiel said, “I have been by your side from day one of your existence on earth. You must know that there is an angel for every human being. Each human is assigned an angel to help them in the difficult transition from the world of the spirit to planet earth. Then they stay with them for their whole earthily lives to protect, comfort, and help them. So we never, never leave anyone alone.”
“I still remember when you were a baby, Emily. We had a lot of fun together, you and me. You must know, my dear, that babies look like fluffy bobbleheads. They seem a little bit stupid, only able to pee and poo in their diapers and dribble down their chins. This is nothing but appearance.
In reality, babies have special secret powers. They can see angels and easily communicate with them because they speak the same language: the language of the heart. The language that needs no words.”
“We, the angels, are visible to them, and we love to spend a lot of time with them. We tell them stories. We sing celestial lullabies to make them fall asleep peacefully when they are teething or when they have a little stomachache, or simply to comfort them.
One of our first tasks is to reassure the babies and make them feel our presence by their sides from the very beginning. You know, coming down from heaven to earth is no picnic.
So, my dear Emily, I have known you since you were born, and I know you better than anyone else. I can feel your thoughts, your hopes, your fears, as well as your deepest and most secret feelings.”

Emily and Seraphiel's fantastic story is the kind of book your kid(s) will read with amazement. It is a book full of exciting battles, superheroes, extraordinary appearances, and profound yet funny teachings. Your kid will grow spiritually while reading and enjoying this funny yet uplifting book. And there's also the special participation of the Mighty Archangel Michael, who will be Emily's new superhero!


Children love this book because:
  • it helps them to overcome their fears and insecurities
  • it makes them feel loved, understood, and accepted
  • Seraphiel is funny, a hilarious angel who knows how to make children laugh
  • Seraphiel is also very wise and gives wonderful teachings
  • the book has awesome illustrations
Parents love this book because:
  • it helps children believe in Angels
  • it allows children to recognize the love, the care, the sacrifices that their parents make to give them a good life
  • it teaches children about self-confidence
  • it conveys profound spiritual values in a world that seems to have forgotten them.

Emily and Seraphiel, The amazing story of a little rascal and her guardian angel: With the special participation of the Archangel Michael

Inspiring, Entertaining, Uplifting

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