Most people tend to relegate the term ‘evil spirit’ to movies, books, and TV shows.

However, many people firmly believe that evil spirits do actually exist and there has certainly been evidence of this in cases of true-life hauntings over the centuries.  While we may not be able to pick up on the presence of an evil spirit ourselves, what about our dogs? We know that animals have very acute senses and dogs have an excellent sense of hearing and smell. Their ability to sense things has become evident over the decades, so can our dogs actually sense evil spirits?

Signs Your Dog Senses an Evil Spirit

If your dog senses evil spirits, there are a number of signs that it may display.

Remember, dogs are very adept at differentiating between good and evil and this can extend to spirits - not just to humans.

If the spirit your pooch senses is evil, it is highly unlikely that your dog will be jumping around, acting excitedly, and running toward the area where it senses the entity. Instead, your dog is more likely to show signs of fear or aggression depending on its personality and the way that it normally reacts to questionable situations.

When your dog senses an evil spirit, he's far from being happy

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Some of the signs your dog may display if it senses evil spirits include whining, growling, snarling, snapping, and barking.

You may see your dog reacting aggressively or fearfully to something you cannot see. With some dogs, you will see the hair on the nape of the neck stand on end.  If dogs feel very nervous because they sense an evil spirit, you may see them slink off or back away from a particular area where, in your eyes, there is nothing present. They may run and hide or may cower in a corner with a fearful expression. Many will be reluctant to enter the room or go into the area where they sense the spirit.

You can also determine whether your dog senses an evil spirit from its body language, which will often be negative because the spirit it senses is evil.

Some of the body language signs that may indicate your dog senses an evil spirit include having the tail firmly between the legs, ears flat or back, hair standing on edge, teeth exposed, and intent staring.  You may also see your dog shying away from going into a particular area or room where it senses the entity or it may already be, and suddenly dart out as though it is frightened of something.

Body Language Signs that your dog senses an evil spirit include:

  • Growling
  • Staring
  • Whining
  • Cowering
  • Back hair on edge
  • Running
  • Tail tucking
  • Ears back
  • Exposed teeth
More signs that your dog senses an evil spirit are: Whimpering, Hiding away, Reluctance to go into a particular room or area
Dogs are very sensitive, so beware when your pet looks angry

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History of Dogs Sensing Evil Spirits

We have seen evidence of dogs being able to sense spirits in many documented cases, movies, and TV shows. While the dogs in movies and TV shows are simply very talented four-legged actors, the truth is that what they do is based on research and evidence from real cases that have taken place over the years.

We know that dogs have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, and we also know that they can sense and detect things before humans.

In fact, they can even sense and detect things before high-tech machinery, which is why it comes as no surprise that our pooches are able to sense spirits. We also know from historical research that dogs are able to sense good and bad in people. They can pick up on this from body language and tone of voice, amongst other things, which is what makes them so adept at knowing who to trust and who to avoid.  Given that they can sense good and bad in humans, it makes sense that they can also sense good and bad in spirits. Not all spirits are bad and when a dog comes across a good spirit, its reactions are likely to be very different compared to the behavior they display when confronted by a bad one.

The Science of Dogs Sensing Evil Spirits

What is it that enables our furballs to sense an evil spirit when the only spirit that we can see is that bottle of bourbon on the drinks cabinet? Well, as mentioned previously, it is a dog’s heightened sense of smell and hearing coupled with its innate ability to detect energy that makes it possible for them to do this.  To us, it looks as though the dog is simply acting weirdly for no apparent reason. However, for the dog, its behavior is all down to what it can see, smell, hear, and sense, which in this case is an evil spirit.

When they sense an evil spirit, our dogs need our help to keep them calm

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Helping Your Dog if They Sense an Evil Spirit

Are you intrigued as to whether your dog can sense an evil spirit in your home? While nobody wants to entertain the idea of an evil spirit running amok in the home, if you see your pooch displaying the signs outlined above for no apparent reason, you cannot rule out the possibility.  It is a good idea to monitor the way your dog acts and try to determine where and when it starts behaving in this way.

For instance, does your pooch start acting frightened or aggressive in a particular part or room of your home? Does this normally happen at a specific time?

By monitoring where and when your pooch displays its odd behavior, you will be in a better position to do some investigating yourself.

For instance, you can go into the room or area that your dog is disturbed by and see whether you pick up on any strange sensations or feelings. Temperatures are often known to drop around spirits, so you could even use a temperature gauge to see whether the temperature in that room is lower than in other parts of the home. If you are really concerned, it may even be worth calling on experts to come and investigate and see what is going on. Of course, it is not just in your home that a dog may sense an evil spirit. It may happen while you are out and about. In fact, you will often find places that have a reputation for being haunted and where people and other animals have sensed the presence of spirits. So, you could even take your dog along to one of these areas to see whether there is any change in the way it behaves. This could enable you to determine whether your dog is something of an evil ghostbuster that can sense when there is something untoward around.

How to React to Your Dog Sensing Evil Spirits:

Check whether you feel any strange sensation too. Check whether this happens at particular times. See if your dog acts strangely in certain parts of the home.

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