Can Your Dog Sense Evil Spirits?

We, as humans, may not be able to pick up on the presence of an evil spirit ourselves, but what about our dogs? Can dogs help us with evil spirits?

Can Your Dog Sense Evil Spirits?

We, as humans, may not be able to pick up on the presence of an evil spirit ourselves, but what about our dogs?

Can dogs sense evil spirits?

If you have ever heard of someone who experienced a case in which their dog helped them to detect an evil spirit, don’t take their affirmation lightheartedly. Dogs DO sense evil spirits.

As they have a different extra sensorial structure, they hear sounds as high as 47,000 to 65,000 Hz. These are sounds far too high-pitched for us.

But dogs can also detect different kinds of energies that negative people and evil spirits emanate. Remember, dogs are very adept at differentiating between good and evil and this can extend to spirits.
Faithful dog. 
A wise black dog is waiting for his master, carefully peering at passers-by.
Photo by Volodymyr Tokar / Unsplash

Some persons have real bad energy that comes into play when they meet sensitive people. If you have been walking on your spiritual path for quite some time, you know that you can detect a person’s energy, be it a good vibe or a bad one. We, as humans, can develop our sensitive abilities with the help of spiritual practices. But we will never reach dogs’ sensitivity. Dogs are more subject to the energies of the Universe.

If you have a dog or have had a dog, you know what we mean. It has certainly happened that your furry creature has suddenly started barking at someone for no apparent reason and without that person taking any action towards us or our dog. On the other hand, our dog has immediately shown a fond affection for a stranger. In both cases, it means that they were sensing something that we were not able to detect immediately. Dogs can feel other people’s energy.

And sometimes their reactions are surprising, simply astonishing.

Today we share a couple of episodes that happened to our beloved dog Olivia, an adorable French Bulldog. We miss her so much.

Olivia was a very special dog at many levels, but on the sensitive side of her character, you could bet your last dollar (or whatever currency you are using…).

The first episode is quite scary, to a certain extent. The second episode narrated in this article is funnier, even hilarious.
A smiling man on a field smiling and caressing a white French Bulldog
A picture of Olivia and myself. Please note my t-shirt with Olivia's face printed on

Episode 1: Olivia and the evil woman

Olivia was just 1 year old or so when this episode happened. We went to a shopping mall (where dogs were allowed, it goes without saying…) with a friend of ours and her daughter, who was 6 y.o at that time. As soon as we entered, we spotted a weird looking woman in her 60s (approximately, but it was that kind of person whose age is hard to guess - you couldn't exactly tell how old she was).

She was dressed in a long and colored skirt and a surcoat that both had known better days, and a scarf was hiding part of her face. Her hair was black and very greasy. She looked like a homeless or a gypsy. There was something mysterious, something strange about her. She spotted our friend’s daughter (we use a fancy name, let’s call her Jenny) and came towards her. She began saying things like: “Oh, little girl, you are so cute”, “Your hair is nice, can I touch them?”, “What’s your name?” Nothing of what she was saying was coming from a pure heart, we could feel it from the very beginning. But we did not want to look disrespectful towards this woman, so we just pushed Jenny a little backward to see what she meant to do. We wanted to make sure that her intentions were pure and her compliments were sincere. But Jenny was frightened and we were beginning to feel very uncomfortable. It was not pleasant. At all.

The weird woman was constantly trying to get closer to Jenny, and before she could make a further move, Olivia (our dog) came to action, but not in an aggressive way as you might expect. Olivia has always been a very quiet ‘girl’ and this time was no exception. She did one simple thing: she moved very close to Jenny, practically so close that she was literally lying on Jenny’s feet, and when meaning ‘on’, we mean it. Olivia had become a part of Jenny, to a certain extent. It was no longer Jenny AND Olivia, as Olivia had cut the physical distance between them to the point that Olivia was acting as a shield. She was showing the woman that she was WITH Jenny and that before coming to Jenny the woman had first to come to her. She was silent, but very firm, protecting Jenny from the woman’s strange attention directed at her. Olivia was not growling, she was not even showing any sign of potential aggressiveness like she was in a sort of trance. Just a pure-hearted white little French Bulldog laying on the feet of a deranged and scared 6 y.o. girl, in a shopping mall. As firm and steady as a porcelain statue. A porcelain statue is exactly what comes to our mind when we are writing this…It seemed to us that Olivia wanted to become the ’target’ of the woman’s bad intentions, putting herself as a barrier between the evil and Jenny.

Olivia was not even looking at the woman. Just a silent yet truly potent, silent presence. And something happened. The woman did not make any further steps toward Jenny. Of course, we were all on alert mode but we did not intervene because of Olivia’s silent yet bold presence. And the woman, as quickly as she appeared to us, went away. She turned her back and moved away from us, without saying any other word, or doing anything. Disappeared in a blink of an eye. Just like that.

With a sigh of relief, we moved away. But we suddenly realized that Olivia was not able to move. She could not walk. She was immobile like she was being 'frozen'. And she looked extremely tired, completely exhausted. She was breathing with difficulty and we thought for a second that she had suffered from a heart attack. She was completely motionless. We had to take her on our arms, and we had to carry her back home, questioning us on what to do. Thank God, once we came back home (shopping was not a priority, all considered) she was quickly recovering. Everything was back to normality. But we know, from the depths of our hearts, that Olivia’s breakdown was due to her absorbing the negative energies of that evil woman to protect Jenny from any potential danger. She acted both as a shield and as a sponge.

She deliberately chose to put her own life at potential risk, absorbing all that tremendous amount of negativity that was in the air coming from that horrible woman just to protect Jenny from an evil attack. That evening, Olivia received a double dose of daily hugs and cuddles, both from us and from Jenny. Every time Jenny and Olivia were together, they became inseparable. Olivia was adorable, and we loved her so much.

close-up portrait of a white french bulldog on black background
Olivia was an amazing dog with an out of the ordinary sensitivity

Episode 2: Olivia and ‘Malpelo’

As previously written, Olivia has never been a dog with aggressive behavior towards anyone, but one night…

A few years ago (Olivia was now 8 years old and aging very well) we went to pay a visit to some good friends of ours who live in the wonderful region of Tuscany, Italy.

Our friends lived in a tiny wonderful medieval village with old stone houses, narrow alleys, and tiny roads, paved with porphyry cobbles. A truly nice village, where all the inhabitants were nice, with a genuinely friendly attitude that is typical of us Italians. All the people in the village were very kind but one, who was a sort of a weirdo. His nickname was Malpelo, which could be roughly translated into ‘malicious red-haired character’. His real name was unknown to us. He was not a bad character (he was not a villain), but he always acted strangely. Sometimes, he was yelling at someone for no reason. He was also quite a heavy drinker, so most of the people tried to avoid contact with him. He was always messing around, having a few drinks, and sometimes shouting. It has to be said that he never caused any harm to anyone, but he was not the kind of person who is pleasant to be around…

One night, in the village there was a fair, with nice local food and delicious wine, and the place was very crowded. People from the surrounding villages came to enjoy the fair and the happy and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was in a good mood, and our dog Olivia was happy as well. She was not scared of crowded places, and because she was really cute, some people were caressing her, giving her some soft pats on her head, or just giving her compliments. Olivia was very good with everyone because she loved to be caressed and cherished, even by strangers.

We were with one of our best friends there, who had had a few ‘issues’ with Malpelo in the previous days. We were sitting on a bench, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere when Malpelo came towards us from a side alley. That night he seemed to be (strangely) in a good mood, and he smiled at us. He knew our friend, so he came towards us calling our friend: “Hey my friend, how are you?” with a loud tone of voice. Our friend knew that Malpelo could turn from good to bad in less than one second, so he was not very pleased to meet him. Nonetheless, he greeted Malpelo with a smile, but our dog Olivia was already on ‘alert mode’. She started looking at him tilting her head, and she seemed not very happy to see this weird guy. As soon as Malpelo spotted Olivia, he suddenly went very close to her, and with his loud voice started saying: “Hey little weird dog, you’re strange but cute!” and tried to caress her. Olivia did not like his move and suddenly sprang into action. She made a big jump and reached his waist, without biting him but with very aggressive behavior. Then she began to bark at him, moving quickly from one side of the man to the other, constantly looking at him, ready to spring into action once again. For Malpelo that was enough. He was scared by our dog’s reaction to the point that he jumped backward and started running hell for leather away from Olivia!

The funny thing is that those who knew Malpelo and witnessed the scene, started laughing like mad because the whole thing was very funny to a certain extent. We forgot to say earlier that Malpelo was tall, and corpulent, especially when compared to Olivia, who was a 10 kgs cute little white French Bulldog…

Try to imagine the scene: a tall, weird-looking corpulent man scared away by a tiny white little dog who runs away from her, in the middle of a crowded place, with people laughing loudly and enjoying what was going on…

A few moments after, everything was back to normality, and Olivia was acting as nothing happened. Business as usual…

Once Again, Olivia had shown us how sensitive she was.
She had never seen that weirdo before but was able to feel his strange character, his potential for negative actions, and above all, she never loved bad guys nor bad people, as narrated in the previous episode. In this case, however, she did not absorb the guy’s bad energy. She decided that in this case, a series of unmistakable ‘warning signs’ was enough to put a barrier between her and Malpelo. She was very good at doing that, and Malpelo, like the evil woman of the previous episode, just left abruptly.

In these two episodes that we witnessed in person, we have shown that dogs are sensitive beings that can distinguish the good from the bad, much easier than we humans…

Take care of your dog and pay attention to their signs. Dogs are one of the most precious life companions you can ever dream of having!