Christmas Angels: Who Are They?

The presence of angels in the Christmas story is inspiring. But who are the Christmas Angels? Why is their presence so important at Christmas?

Christmas Angels: Who Are They?

What are Christmas Angels? Where do beliefs in Christmas Angels originate?

The presence of angels in the Christmas story is inspiring.

Angels are often portrayed in the Christmas story about the birth of Christ. Although this idea of angels announcing the birth of Jesus is found in the first two Gospels of the New Testament, beliefs in angels grew stronger mostly over a thousand years after these first accounts of Christmas angels were penned. St. Thomas promoted his doctrines concerning angels, teaching angels to be innumerable, immortal intermediaries who interact between God and humankind.

The accounts of the Christmas angels in the Bible reveal their role as messengers and are not described as possessing wings or halos. Interestingly, the stories in the Gospels about the birth of the Christ child do not mention the word Christmas, though these tales are the basis of the Christmas holiday.

The Bible story of the Magi following a star to Bethlehem has sometimes been interpreted as the wise men following a guiding angel to see the child.

Stars in the Bible often represent angels.

There is another story of Christmas angels that is more legend than the Bible. This tale is about a group of tiny angels assigned by God to watch over Joseph and Mary as they make their way to Bethlehem. As the story goes, they were unsuccessful in helping the couple find a room in an inn for the birth of their baby. The tiny angels' solution to the problem was for Mary and Joseph to find shelter in a stable, a Christmas story we all have heard about. It is said that these tiny angels were so excited in their role of helping to bring forth the child's birth that they sang along with joy and thanksgiving, their music being heard in the highest of heavens.

This legendary story may be why we see Christmas angels playing instruments and singing.

Because angels are so prominent in the announcement of the Christ child, it is no wonder that angels are significant emblems in Christmas stories, decorations, and celebrations.

Angels, to most people, symbolize love, peace, and joy.

Christmas angels are everywhere today, from appearing on Christmas cards and ornaments to being seen as figurines or within nativity scenes.

Angels & Ghosts teaches that angels are benevolent spirits interacting with us, often conveying messages. This description would include human spirits from the light who visit us, especially during holiday celebrations like Christmas. Have you ever felt the presence of someone with you during Christmas or your birthday? Pay particular attention this year and see if you can sense the presence of love or joy within and around you.
This is the best way to become aware of angels during Christmas time.

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