God and the Angels want you to be prosperous.

They know it’s your divine right as a child of God to receive abundance on every level. When you experience abundance, you feel an overflowing fullness or you have great plenty of what you need and desire. This can encompass love, fulfilling relationships, meaningful work, and yes, financial abundance. When you experience prosperity you are thriving, successful, and you have financial well-being and good fortune. Get ready to invoke the angels of prosperity and abundance into your life so you receive all these gifts and more.

Are you ready to receive and enjoy?


Understanding Abundance

When you look up the definition of abundance, you discover the following meanings: “having more than an adequate quantity or supply,” “an overflowing fullness,” and “great plenty.”

The angels will remind you that the meaning of abundance is about living in the fullness and richness of life and experiencing the abundance of life’s gifts — love, joy, happiness, peace, fulfillment, and prosperity.

The angels know that one of the biggest blocks to receiving abundance is if you have the core issue of feeling unworthy and undeserving of receiving the best in your life. If this resonates with you, ask the angels to open your heart so you can heal this issue. Abundance is your natural birthright and when you decide to accept it for yourself, you attract the gifts of abundance into your life.

Another issue you might struggle with is the old belief that if you receive abundance and you have a great plenty, then it’s selfish. In truth, having abundance provides you with the opportunity to share with others. You can teach others how to receive it for themselves when you’ve learned how to accept it for yourself.

Use this prayer to open your heart to receive abundance:

“Dearest angels, open my heart and help me heal and recognize that I am worthy and deserving of receiving God’s gifts of abundance into my life. Help me remember there is more than enough and it is my divine birthright to experience abundance in all ways: love, joy, happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment.”

Once you understand the principles of abundance you learn to accept it with grace, and as you do, you open the channels for it to flow easily into your life. The angels know that everyone deserves the gifts of abundance, including you. So say yes and welcome these gifts into your life.


Understanding Prosperity

The meaning of prosperity is more specific than the diverseness of abundance. Prosperity is more about being successful and flourishing and thriving in financial respects. When people are prosperous in their businesses or careers, they experience a feeling of success and fulfillment and they are financially rewarded for their efforts. On a personal level, when you experience prosperity all your financial needs and desires are taken care of: your bills are paid, you have financial security, and you can enjoy the comforts of life.

The angels witness your pain, worry, and stress when you go through financial difficulties. Trust that they know when you’re unfulfilled in your work or career. They also understand when you’re feeling stuck and you don’t know what to do. During these challenging times the angels want to help you turn your life around so you can experience the gifts of prosperity. They know you deserve ease, peace, and joy. When you ask, they will provide you with the opportunities to create financial security and abundance.

How You Can Help Yourself

Before the angels can help you create abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life, you need to help yourself. Your first step is to take responsibility for your thoughts and beliefs about prosperity. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I really believe in abundance and prosperity and can I believe there is more than enough?
  • Do I really believe that God will provide me the opportunities to experience an abundance of love, happiness, joy, fulfillment, and prosperity?
  • Am I worthy and deserving of receiving abundance and prosperity?
  • Do I believe I can change my situation now?

If you cannot answer yes to these questions, then you need to change your thoughts about abundance and prosperity. Remember, your thoughts create your reality. So in order for you to receive what you want, you need to believe and affirm that it’s possible. As you do this, you naturally attract and magnetize to you the opportunities to create and experience the manifestations of abundance and prosperity.

If you are challenged with recognizing your limiting beliefs or thoughts, ask the angels to help you. Ask them to help you heal and transform anything blocking your flow of abundance and prosperity and trust that they will.


These affirmations can help you transform your thoughts to create your true desires:

  • I am worthy and deserving and I accept abundance and prosperity into my life now!
  • I believe that there is more than enough in God’s universe.
  • God loves me and takes care of me and I am grateful that all my needs are met and more.
  • The angels continuously show me the endless opportunities to experience abundance and prosperity.
  • The channels of abundance are open now and the gifts of love, fulfillment, joy, happiness, and prosperity flow easily into my life.
  • An abundance of money and wealth flows consistently into my life.
  • I am blessed with the riches of life and I love to share with others.

You can use these affirmations or you can choose to create your own. Repeat them daily until you know them as your new truth.