Creating Abundance And Prosperity With The Help Of The Angels

God and the Angels want you to be prosperous. Get ready to invoke the angels of prosperity and abundance and start living a prosperous life!

Creating Abundance And Prosperity With The Help Of The Angels

God and the Angels want you to be prosperous.

They know it's your divine right as a child of God to receive abundance on every level. When you experience abundance, you feel an overflowing fullness or have plenty of what you need and desire. This can encompass love, fulfilling relationships, meaningful work, and financial abundance. When you experience prosperity, you thrive and have economic well-being and good fortune. So get ready to invoke the angels of prosperity and abundance into your life, so you receive all these gifts and more.
Are you ready to receive and enjoy?

Understanding Abundance

When you look up the definition of abundance, you discover the following meanings: "having more than an adequate quantity or supply," "an overflowing fullness," and "great plenty."

The angels will remind you that the meaning of abundance is about living in the fullness and richness of life and experiencing the abundance of life's gifts — love, joy, happiness, peace, fulfillment, and prosperity.

The angels know that one of the biggest blocks to receiving abundance is if you have the core issue of feeling unworthy and undeserving of receiving the best in your life. If this resonates with you, ask the angels to open your heart so you can heal this issue.

Abundance is your natural birthright, and when you decide to accept it for yourself, you attract the gifts of abundance into your life.

Another issue you might struggle with is the old belief that if you receive abundance and have great plenty, then it's selfish. In truth, having abundance allows you to share with others. You can teach others how to receive it when you've learned to accept it yourself.

Use this prayer to open your heart to receive abundance:

"Dearest angels, open my heart and help me heal and recognize that I am worthy and deserving of receiving God's gifts of abundance into my life. Help me remember there is more than enough; it is my divine birthright to experience abundance in all ways: love, joy, happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment."

Once you understand the principles of abundance, you learn to accept it with grace, and as you do, you open the channels for it to flow easily into your life. The angels know that everyone deserves the gifts of abundance, including you. So say yes and welcome these gifts into your life.


Understanding Prosperity

The meaning of prosperity is more specific than the diverseness of abundance. Prosperity is more about flourishing and thriving in financial respects. When people are prosperous in their businesses or careers, they experience a feeling of success and fulfillment and are financially rewarded for their efforts. On a personal level, when you experience prosperity, all your financial needs and desires are taken care of: your bills are paid, you have financial security, and you can enjoy the comforts of life.

The angels witness your pain, worry, and stress when you face financial difficulties. Trust that they know when you're unfulfilled in your work or career. They also understand when you're feeling stuck, and you don't know what to do.

During these challenging times, the angels want to help you turn your life around so you can experience the gifts of prosperity.

They know you deserve ease, peace, and joy. So when you ask, they will provide you with the opportunities to create financial security and abundance.

How You Can Help Yourself

Before the angels can help you create abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life, you must allow yourself. Your first step is to take responsibility for your thoughts and beliefs about wealth. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I believe in abundance and prosperity, and can I think there are more than enough?
  • Do I believe God will provide me the opportunities to experience abundant love, happiness, joy, fulfillment, and prosperity?
  • Am I worthy and deserving of receiving abundance and prosperity?
  • Do I believe I can change my situation now?

If you cannot answer these questions, you must change your thoughts about abundance and prosperity. Remember, your thoughts create your reality. So to receive what you want, you need to believe and affirm that it's possible. As you do this, you naturally attract and magnetize the opportunities to create and experience the manifestations of abundance and prosperity.

If you are challenged with recognizing your limiting beliefs or thoughts, ask the angels to help you. Ask them to help you heal and transform anything blocking your flow of abundance and prosperity, and trust that they will.

These affirmations can help you transform your thoughts to create your true desires:

  • I am worthy and deserving and accept abundance and prosperity into my life now!
  • I believe that there is more than enough in God's universe.
  • God loves me and takes care of me, and I am grateful that all my needs are met and more.
  • The angels continuously show me endless opportunities to experience abundance and prosperity.
  • The channels of abundance are open now, and the gifts of love, fulfillment, joy, happiness, and prosperity flow easily into my life.
  • An abundance of money and wealth flow consistently into my life.
  • I am blessed with the riches of life, and I love to share with others.

You can use these affirmations, or you can choose to create your own. Then, repeat them daily until you know them as your new truth.

As you transform your belief system and focus on what you desire, you open the gates of manifestation so that the angels can help you.

Together you create opportunities, attracting everything you need so you can experience the gifts of abundance and prosperity.


How the Angels Can Help You

You set things in motion when you transform your old beliefs into positive intentions. You have initiated powerful energy where the angels can help you co-create and manifest your new desires. Your next step is to ask the angels for what you need and then trust they are working behind the scenes to help you.

How can the angels help you? Here are some examples:

  • The angels can connect you with the people you need to meet.
  • Examples: clients, customers, boss, investors, referrals.
  • The angels can provide you with the necessary resources to fulfill your desires.
  • Examples: financing, time, supplies, education, location.
  • The angels can present you with unexpected opportunities that will allow you to manifest prosperity.
  • Examples: a new job, funding or money showing up, a learning opportunity to create future abundance, an investment opportunity.
  • The angels can provide you with the people who can help you.
  • Example: accountant, financial adviser, teacher, counselor, or any expert you need to accomplish your desire.

These are just some examples of how the angels can help you create more abundance and prosperity. Think about your personal life and ask yourself, "How can the angels help me with what I need right now?" Share your desires with the angels and imagine what it would feel like to have a team working behind the scenes helping you along your journey. Your choice is to struggle in it alone or call on the support of the angels so you can experience grace and ease in your life. Which do you choose?

The following angels and archangels have the pleasure of assisting you in any way they can so you can experience more prosperity and abundance in your life. When you ask, they will gift you with unexpected blessings. They will give you the opportunities to attract and create more prosperity. These angels want you to be financially abundant and prosperous.

As you read about each of the angels, invoke them into your life and ask them for the help you need.

Then use the prayers to experience ease, peace, and joy as you receive the gifts of abundance and prosperity from God and the angels.


Archangel Raziel Helps Manifest Abundance and Prosperity

Archangel Raziel's name means "secret of God." They say he stands by the throne of God and records everything He says and discusses. Supposedly, Raziel wrote all this information down in the well-known book The Book of the Angel Raziel. From this wisdom, he knows all the mysteries of the universe. So when you invoke his help, he will use his divine magic to help you manifest the abundance and prosperity you seek.

Prayer to Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel, you hold the wisdom and gifts of the universe. Therefore you know exactly how to help me fulfill my wishes for increased abundance and prosperity. First, teach me what I need to know about manifesting. Then, allow me to witness and receive the gifts of your divine magic so I may experience miracles in my everyday life.

Gadiel Releases Negativity and Provides Direction

Gadiel's name means "God is my wealth." He is known as one of the holiest angels, and his name has great power. To enhance this power, say his name repeatedly when asking for assistance. Gadiel will show you the best direction to take in your life so you can create abundance. If you ask, he will release you from any negativity that blocks your ability to create abundance in your life.

Prayer to Gadiel

Gadiel, Gadiel, Gadiel, please assist me in my life right now. Release me from any conscious or unconscious blocks I have about being abundant and prosperous. Help me know that I am worthy and deserving of the best. Give me the clarity I need and the direction to take so I may follow and walk the path that will lead me to abundance and prosperity.

Barakiel Brings Good Fortune

Barakiel is an ancient angel, the ruler of the order of the Seraphim. His name means "God's blessing." He is the angel of good fortune. He will assist you in opening your heart so you can receive the gifts of abundance. He will also help you keep a positive outlook and encourage you to expect plenty in your life.

Prayer to Barakiel

Barakiel, open my heart so I can receive the blessings and good fortune that await me. It's here and now, and I am inviting these gifts of abundance into my life. Help me stay positive, so I can be a magnet of attraction, drawing everything into my life so I can experience my heart's desires.

Gamaliel Provides Gifts and Miracles

Gamaliel's name means "recompense of God." He is known as one of the most generous angels and is referred to as the gracious gift giver. He is a mighty angel who will help you create heaven on earth. Expect unexpected gifts and miracles from Gamaliel. He is here to serve you and help you create more money, joy, and happiness.

Prayer to Gamaliel

Gamaliel, you are the gracious gift giver, and I call upon you now. I am asking for your help in fulfilling the following desires (share your wishes). I know you have the power to perform miracles, and I believe in miracles. Therefore, I am open to receiving and allowing unexpected opportunities and gifts to show up in my life. Thank you, Gamaliel, for your graciousness.

Pathiel Opens the Gates of Manifestation

Patel's name means "the opener." He is the one to call on if you want to open the gates of manifestation to create abundance and prosperity. First, write a request and ask Pathiel for your wishes and desires. Then surrender your list to Pathiel and trust that your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

Prayer to Pathiel

Patel, I surrender my wish list to you, knowing that you have the power to manifest abundance and prosperity. Please assist me in opening the gates of manifestation so everything can flow freely and easily into my life. I trust in you and that my prayers have already been answered.

Invoke these angels one at a time or call on them as a team. You don't necessarily have to remember their names; just pray to the angels of abundance and prosperity. Be honest in your prayers and ask for your needs and desires to be met. Understand that they want to help you and know you deserve to live a prosperous life. The question is, are you ready and willing to receive this for yourself?

Steps to Create Abundance and Prosperity with the Angels

Realize that as you take the following steps with the angels, you will be igniting powerful energy into motion that will bring forth the manifestation of miracles in your life. Once you ask, know that the angels will assist you in any way they can so you can experience your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine. Therefore, take the following steps to create abundance and prosperity in your life:

Decide and be specific about what you desire. Write it down. For example: If you want to make more money, be clear and tell the angels how much more (always state afterward, "I am open to receiving this amount or more").

Take responsibility if you have any limiting beliefs or thoughts that contradict and may block what you desire. For example: Do you believe you are worthy of receiving what you asked for? Do you think it's possible?

Write an affirmation claiming what you desire. Include changing your old beliefs to reflect what you want to believe. For example: "I am worthy and deserving of the best. I receive my perfect job opportunity, and they offer me at least 25 percent more pay."

Pray and ask the angels of abundance and prosperity to help you in any way they can. Example prayer: "Archangels Raziel, Gadiel, Barakiel, Gamaliel, and Pathiel, please present me the perfect job opportunity that brings me fulfillment, balance, joy, and a 25 percent increase in pay or more. I am grateful that it comes easily, quickly, and for my highest and best, better than I could ever imagine."

Believe it's possible, and pay attention to your dreams, intuition, signs, and synchronicities.

Take action accordingly when your intuition guides you. For example, someone speaks of an opportunity that could be led by the angels. Your job is to follow through on the opportunity and see where it takes you.

Say thank you to the angels when your prayers are answered.

You become a powerful magnet of attraction when you team with the angels and follow these steps. You draw to yourself everything you need to manifest abundance and prosperity. Your wishes and desires are fulfilled and you begin to realize the power of teaming with your angels. Be open, and practice these steps so you can become one with the gifts of abundance and prosperity. It's all around you and the angels just want you to accept it for yourself.

Prayer for Financial Freedom

Use the following prayer if you need help with your finances:

Archangels Raziel, Gadiel, Barakiel, Gamaliel, and Pathiel, please gather around me and support me in your unconditional love. Please help me believe and experience that God's universe is abundant. I affirm that, as a child of God, I deserve the financial freedom. I am open and willing to receive everything I need to pay all my bills on time, and I have more than enough left to put in savings and enjoy the good things in life. Thank you, angels, for showing me the way and blessing me with the gift of financial freedom.

Prayer for Success and Good Fortune

Use the following prayer when you want to increase your opportunities to create success and good fortune:

Archangels Raziel, Gadiel, Barakiel, Gamaliel, and Pathiel, please open the gates of manifestation so prosperity can flow easily, consistently, and abundantly into my life. With your help, I joyously receive everything I need, and I am incredibly grateful for the unexpected opportunities that come my way. As a result, I am happy, fulfilled, successful, and prosperous in everything I do. As I receive good fortune in my life, I graciously share it with others in need.

Meditation for Creating Abundance and Prosperity

Taking time out of your busy schedule to meditate and pray with your angels about your desires for abundance and prosperity can be very valuable. Praying for your intentions is one thing, but it takes on whole new energy when you sit in meditation with the angels. You raise the vibration of your desire with focused intention and visualization. Because of this valuable time spent in meditation, you become a magnet of attraction, drawing to you everything you need to fulfill your desires.

Find a quiet place to sit; if you choose, you can put some soft music in the background. Write out your prayers to the angels. Share with them your desires for abundance and prosperity and be specific.

Now, take a deep breath and let go of everything that happened before you closed your eyes. Then take another nice deep breath and let go of everything that will occur after your meditation. Now, breathe into the present moment where all transformation occurs.

Call in the angels of abundance and prosperity, Archangels Raziel, Gadiel, Barakiel, Gamaliel, and Pathiel. Ask them to create a beautiful circle of sacred light around you. (Pause) Breathe one with their love as they embrace you in divine love, light, and protection. (Pause) Imagine within this sacred circle the abundance of God already exists. All that you desire is already here and now in the process. The kingdom of heaven is here on earth. Take a moment and imagine this to be true and breathe into the abundance that surrounds you. (Pause)

Now imagine that you have already received what you have asked for. You are living your desires right here and right now in this sacred circle.

It's already done, and it manifested in your life. What are you doing as you experience your desires? (Pause) What do you feel? (Pause) How are you enjoying your life, and with whom? (Pause) Take it all in. Breathe into it and feel the experience in every cell of your being. (Pause)

Now, ask the angel to help you become one with your desires. Feel in the center of this sacred circle and realize you are a magnet, attracting everything you need to fulfill your desires. The angels of abundance and prosperity are working behind the scenes and playing their part perfectly to help you become one with all you desire. Take a moment and thank them and feel the energy of joy and gratitude. You deserve it. (Pause)

Know that God and the angels are blessing your desires. Your job is to trust and affirm that it is already done, and it's just a matter of timing.

Thank the angels and take a deep breath. Affirm that you are open to your highest and best, better than ever imagined. After you open your eyes, you will remain in the sacred circle where all your manifestations will transform from the spiritual plane into the physical plane. When ready, open your eyes and return to the present moment.

Work with the angels of abundance and prosperity and be open to the miracles waiting for you. They feel blessed and honored to help you, and they want to shower you with many blessings from the divine.

Always remember that you are a child of God and deserve the best. Just ask, believe, and expect to receive.

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