Discover Your Guardian Angel's Name

We all call upon our Guardian Angel for help at times, although we don’t always know their names. Wouldn’t it be nice to find out?

Discover Your Guardian Angel's Name

Would you like to discover the name of your Guardian Angel, who is always ready to protect you and help you succeed in all fields of life?

Your Guardian Angel is assigned to you at birth and remains with you throughout your life.

We all call upon our Guardian Angel for help at times, although we don't always know their names.

Wouldn't it be nice to find out your Guardian Angel's name?

Try this way:

1. Take yourself off somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed - this could be in a room indoors or out into nature if you prefer.

2. Make your space as relaxing as possible, whatever works for you. You could light a candle, burn an incense stick or play music (just instrumental music, no lyrics) if you wish.

3. Relax your body completely and empty your mind of all negative thoughts and emotions.

4. Concentrate on your breathing to ensure complete relaxation.

5. Focus on your own full birth name and birth date.

6. Now ask, "Guardian Angel of mine – please reveal your name to me." having the faith that you will receive an answer.

7. Listen for a name to present itself to you, it may not be audible, but it will become solid and prominent in your mind – remember that a lot of Angelic names are unusual or strange to pronounce, so don't be surprised if it is a name you haven't heard of!

Now, after thanking them for revealing their name to you, write down the name of your Guardian Angel, fold the paper up and place it in a place that is special to you – you may have a small Angel altar or box, or you may have a crystal or other treasure you would like to keep with it.

Remember that anywhere that feels right for you to keep the name is right.

When you next need to call on your Guardian Angel, you can do so by their name. You can use the following prayer if you wish to do so.

"My Guardian Angel (say the name of your Guardian Angel here), I call upon you and thank you for loving me through all that I do. Please shield and protect me, show me the way, and carry me through to the end of each day. Amen."

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Feature Image by Maria Orlova