Your Favorite Dreamcatcher Reveals Something Very Interesting About Your Personality

Your favorite dreamcatcher can reveal a lot about your personality.

Your Favorite Dreamcatcher Reveals Something Very Interesting About Your Personality

Native Americans say that the night air is filled with dreams. Good dreams and nightmares.

In order to protect their people from nightmares, they used dream catchers as talismans. As the name suggests, a dreamcatcher catches all types of dreams.

However, only good dreams are passed to the person sleeping beneath it through the feathers. The bad dreams are caught in the web in the central area and burned when sunlight touches the dream catchers. That’s why a dream catcher is always hung above the bed where sunlight can hit it.

The dreamcatcher you will choose from the ones below can reveal a lot about your personality. So, go ahead and choose one!


1. Conservative, trustworthy and genuine

You are friendly and sociable and you care for others sincerely. But you love the company of your close friends. Once you know a person well enough, you trust them blindly and want to be trusted as well. When it comes to feelings, you take your time to process and share them. Although you are a good-tempered person, your emotions might take over you. You can be moody and over-emotional or you can be totally indifferent. You like your surroundings to be clean and organized. Unpredictability may overwhelm you.

2. Optimistic, determined and extrovert

You like to be around people so much that if you are alone for too long, you start to feel depressed. It describes why you love social events so much. You are the most talkative person around. Rather than judging, you accept people just the way they are. However, you yourself like to maintain yourself by what others think. Helping others satisfies you and they like you for your optimistic energy. Although, you tend to show-off and you might want to work on it.

3. Sensitive, compassionate and supportive

You put others before yourself.

Although you are an introvert, people come to you when they need help. This motivates you, but they might take advantage of you. You are a sensitive fellow. Hence, others’ hurtful words hurt you more than they intend to; but even then, you never show it. You maintain your peaceful quality and your dignity. However, you like individuality. You spend a lot of time alone in your dream world of your ideal future.

4. Independent, strong-willed and distant

You like to be in control and maintain your distance with others. Possibly, you might want to distance yourself from all the negativity. You even look sophisticated to intimidate others and create a mysterious feeling. Although, you yourself are intimidated by upper class, sophisticated people. You deny any pleasure and keep your feelings to yourself because you don’t want to be judged. Any work done by you is perfect to its core.

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