Fear of Living: How to Start Living a Fear-Free Life

Fear prevents us from living the life that we deserve. But fear is an illusion, and we can overcome it. A better life is just a few steps ahead!

Fear of Living: How to Start Living a Fear-Free Life
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How do we overcome the illusion of fear?

When we become aware that the only reality is the Oneness and that we are that Oneness, our hearts fill with joy, and every fiber of our being is filled with love. And it is then that the darkness (even the deepest part of it) that still lurks within us is illuminated by the intense light that we embody. Everything that separates us from the Oneness manifests to be recognized and released.

We face our fears to overcome the ego and the illusion of separation and to be reborn to love in Unity.

We do not have to take any action. Our fears call into our lives those events and people that allow us to learn from our experiences to free ourselves from our fears. Difficulties are trials that our souls have set along our path to allow us to face and overcome our fears by recognizing their illusory nature.

Only riding the tiger can we realize that it is not real and that it is only a paper tiger. We cannot escape our fears: the more we run away from them, the more life brings them back to us. The fears that we do not face today will come back magnified tomorrow.
Intricate thoughts lead to distortion. Distortion generates reality.
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Every trial in our life is a gift, an opportunity that our souls have chosen so that we can dispel the darkness that we bring in and make room for the light. When we finally look at ourselves with courage through the mirror of our fears, we discover that what we feared only existed in our minds. Fear is the memory of pain (the past) and the attempt to avoid it (the future). Fear is always separated from the present. Fear also moves away from our true Selves, that is, from the Oneness.

When we feel separated from the Whole, we believe that there is something or someone outside of us to be afraid of. At the bottom of our fear is a lack of recognition of who we Are. When we feel fear, we deny our true nature, forgetting that, as an indivisible part of the Oneness, we have the same creative power as the Oneness.

As we have unconsciously created our fears, similarly, we can consciously decree their end and start to create only what we choose to create.

As part of the Uni-verse we can only move up to a higher level when we move on from a lower one. Unmasking the illusion of fear is like passing into a sacred world, a new infinite space of consciousness that opens up ahead of us. We are magically carried towards a new vision of ourselves: freer, more aware, and more powerful. To transcend the illusion of fear means confidently opening ourselves up to love, thus making the abundance of its gifts fully available to us. When we believe in the illusion of our fears, we do nothing but continue to manifest those fears in our own lives. We continue to unconsciously create what, in reality, we do not want to create (failures, illnesses, conflicts, ...) unless we choose to manifest our blessings consciously.

Where the power of fear ends, the power of love begins. In the Kingdom of Love, there is no room for ego and fear.

The ego is scared of both loving and being loved because it does not want to lose its illusory identity. The ego appears to be constantly searching for love when in reality, it is protecting itself from love as if love was its worst enemy. It is afraid of being swept away by the unpredictable flow of love and losing its power of control over its little world. The ego continuously erects barriers in the way of love and poisons it with its fears, constantly trying to exile it to the sidelines of existence.

Standing on a sheer ledge 3,200 feet above Yosemite Valley, looking at this vista, one can’t help but be in awe. It reminds you of what’s really important.
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The ego is by nature fragmented, inconsistent, and contradictory.
On the one hand, the ego protects itself from love because it is afraid of reawakening the pain of the old suffering; on the other hand, it continues to unconsciously recreate the same situations that caused suffering in the first place.

It is as if love, every day, invites us to sit at its banquet table while we, rather than accepting its kind invitation and enjoying the abundance of food, choose to only eat the crumbs that have fallen from the table. Sometimes the light scares more than darkness. The ego is more afraid of happiness than of suffering. It is more afraid of abundance than of deprivation. It is much more afraid of love than of either anger or resentment.

A total commitment to Truth inevitably leads us to encounter our deepest fears, one by one. A spiritual guide, meditation and any form of spiritual practice are sure to help us to enhance the quality of our lives and to improve our ability to deal with unexpected painful incidents that can occur in our lives. However, they cannot give us long lasting inner peace and joy if we have not first faced all our fears with courage and resolute intentions. We must first heal our emotional body, we must first dive into the depths of our fears where the illusion of darkness reigns, to bring the light of awareness and re-emerge purified by love.

All Human Angels have within themselves a strong desire to help others to heal from their suffering. However, trying to help someone else when we have not yet freed ourselves from our deepest fears will come to nothing and can also become harmful both for other people and for ourselves. Rather than finding a crystal clear surface reflecting the light, others find, in us, a mirror that has not yet been totally cleansed of our projective mechanisms. We run the risk of poisoning the purity of our intentions with our fears and projections, thus finding ourselves once again stuck in the middle of an emotional quagmire.

When we lose our fears, we are ready to fly because we no longer have the fear of falling. We are ready to help others heal their suffering because we have first healed ourselves. We become who we are: Human Angels. Our existence becomes witness to our healing journey. This is, beyond words, the greatest help that we can give to others. We experience who we aren’t to remember who we Are and to express our divine nature. When we are prey to our fears, we have to remember that we are giving power to that which does not exist. And remember that the only reality is Unconditional Love: the eternal, immutable state of Being. Fear enslaves us; Truth sets us free and the only Truth is the Oneness. Experiencing fear and overcoming it, opens our lives to the full accomplishment of ourselves as Human Angels.

Any fear and pain once transmuted into awareness and love, becomes a precious flower to share with others in Unity.

The Ultimate key to overcome our fears

When you feel fear, you are experiencing the ego and the illusion of separation. When you feel Unconditional Love, you are experiencing your divine nature in the Oneness.

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