11 Forgiveness Quotes To Help You Move On From The Past

Forgiveness enables you to move away from the suffering of the past. When you learn to forgive, you are no longer trapped by the past actions of others and can finally feel free. Change your life for the better with the power of forgiveness. Start with these powerful quotes.

11 Forgiveness Quotes To Help You Move On From The Past
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Unleash the Power of Forgiveness: 11 Quotes to Release the Past and Embrace the Future

In the tapestry of life, forgiveness stands as a golden thread, weaving together the fragments of our hearts and mending the wounds of our past. It is a transformative force capable of unlocking the chains that bind us to pain and resentment and setting us free to embrace a brighter tomorrow.

Forgiveness is not an act of weakness; it is a testament to our strength, resilience, and capacity for compassion. It is not about condoning wrongdoing; it is about releasing ourselves from the burden of anger and bitterness, allowing us to move forward with lightness and grace.

As we embark on this journey of forgiveness, let these 11 powerful quotes illuminate our path:


Ego judges and punishes.

Love forgives and heals.


Forgiveness frees the forgiver.

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Resentment is a lack of forgiveness.

When you get rid of resentment,

you get rid of the sorrow of your past.


Be compassionate; forgive yourself.


Peace is the outcome of forgiveness.

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When you forgive,

your suffering becomes

your wealth.


Forgiveness doesn’t mean

that you have to interact with the “offender”,

forgiveness is an inner act

of healing freedom.


When we forgive,

the past loses its power

over the present.


Through forgiveness,

you transform the poison

of resentment into

the honey of compassion.


You cannot change what you have done,

but you can forgive yourself

for having done it.

Feel deeper. Think higher
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There is no greater forgiveness

than the forgiveness for oneself.

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