Full Moon October 1: The Moon that brings magic into your life!

October is going to be a Very Special month for all Full Moon lovers. There will be two Full Moons, and the first one is going to surprise you!

Full Moon October 1: The Moon that brings magic into your life!

October is going to be a Very Special Month for all Full Moon lovers.

There are going to be not just one but TWO Full Moons during the month of October.

The first Full Moon occurs on October 1, or 2 depending on where you live (you can check Moon phases and times here) whilst the second one occurs on October 31 and will be called the Blue Moon (More about this second Full Moon in one of our next articles).

Full Moon on October 1 falls under the headstrong sign of Aries, bringing an immense flow of cosmic energy into our lives.

October, with these two Full Moons, is bringing unexpected fresh opportunities for all of us. With a Full Moon at the very beginning of the month, and the second one occurring on the last day of October, there’s more than just a ‘regular’ flow of energy that is going to cross our paths. Our lives are going to be influenced at many levels by this powerful flow of cosmic power. At an energetic and spiritual level, this is the best month of the year to be in perfect tune with our goals and desires, because the Universe makes available to all of us an almost unlimited source of power.

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This Full Moon is also known as the Warrior’s Moon. According to Raven Kaldera, “The Full Moon in Aries sees the daring Adventurer become the full-blown Warrior, who fights in honor for a good cause” (Moon Phase Astrology, 189). We will all be asked, “to become one of those brave souls, and devote ourselves to training for that work” during this Full Moon (189).

What do you want most for yourself during this Full Moon?

We are all aware that the phases of the moon are among the most fascinating astronomical behaviors we can observe with the naked eye and deeply rich sources of thought and interpretation in everyone’s lives.

October is a very special month. It opens the door to the fall season, followed by wintertime. We become more receptive to spiritual energies and feel drawn to bond with our ancestors.

Use this incredible opportunity to grow at a spiritual level.

Start to get in tune with your ancestors, or a beloved one, and try to establish a connection between you and your loved ones who’s no longer with you. Make a good habit to remember them in your prayers, but at the same time try to not remain stuck in the quagmire of ‘the good old times’. October 1 Full Moon is also called the Harvest Moon, and sometimes the Hunter Moon. And the term ‘harvest symbolizes many things and aspects of life. When October 1 Full Harvest Moon approaches, pay particular attention to your dreams and their signs. Dreaming of participating in a harvest symbolizes a joyful encounter.

Overcome sadness and make room for a renewed level of enthusiasm for everything new that is coming. Use your time and spiritual energy to create your new, happier reality.

And this time, we have a ‘special guest’ coming in the playing field during this unique (at a cosmic level) month of October to help us along the way: Archangel Metatron, the Mighty “Chancellor of Heaven”, ladies and gentlemen!

Archangel Metatron is going to work with us all along the whole month of October and this is really ‘something’, indeed!

Metatron knows perfectly well how to create and manifest positive energy.

He also knows how to balance your energy centers, a.k.a. the Chakras. So October has a lot of positive energy in store for us at many levels, and we have an unmissable opportunity to grow, to be better persons, to make this world a better place, and to solve most of our problems! You simply cannot miss this incredible opportunity brought to you by this Two-Full Moons month, don’t you agree? If you use the energy of this first Full Moon on October, 1, you achieve an inner balance, thus making way for things to come to you with an easy flow of energy.

Now let’s have a glance at what this October 1 Full Moon means for each Zodiac sign:


October opens with a Full Moon in your sign, which is personal, Aries, and allows you to see yourself – and your temperament– in full force, though you might be ‘extra’ fierce and full of (rage) energy. Try to keep a balance between the two sides of this cosmic experience.


The pressure is rising. You cannot control everything. Unconscious feelings can be hard to ignore, so tune in to what comes up, Taurus, allowing the stars to touch upon sensitivities that usually remain elusive and unknowable. Try to balance your emotions and not be overwhelmed with excessive tension and desire of control.


It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and look for new opportunities out of your social circle! You have to understand who your true friends are, and if you’re no longer in a good relationship with someone, just open the door to new encounters!


Your career path is going to be smoother than ever! You are going to feel and ‘see’ the recognition of your qualities so that you are going to achieve great goals in your field of work without having to struggle or fight. Be aware that not all those who say they love you are true or do not have hidden agendas, but you are surely going to harvest the best out of your efforts. great time for your work field, Cancer!


Time to explore! We’re not talking about travels, we’re talking about your everyday life.

October brings with it cosmic energy of change, which does not mean to reject what you have done in the past. Just begin to see things from a different angle, with a broader and wider vision of what is ahead of you. If you choose the right path, nothing can stop you from achieving even your wildest dreams, Leo!


Will you stay alone for some time, or are you going to build strong foundations for your romantic relationship? With Mars in your house of commitment, you could be willing to consider what it takes to show up and dedicate yourself – including around your path to progress. What do you desire, and how might you channel your drive to succeed – with or without someone by your side?


You are becoming more sensitive. This month is heightening the sensitive side of your personality. The time has come to ask yourself some questions about your circle of friends and acquaintances. Are you fully satisfied? Are you starting to feel that something is wrong with someone you have known for a long time? Do not be shy to engage a useful and open-hearted conversation with those who do not deserve to be fully trusted by you. You are worthy of love and respect. Do not place undue importance on unnecessary criticism. Try to focus on your own feelings and rely on them. If something seems not to be right, talk about what you do not like. You cannot keep things within yourself. Open up your mind and heart to new opportunities!


October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, lighting up your sixth house of work, wellbeing, and the jobs, tasks, or rituals that make up your day-to-day. You are going to tighten the bonds with those you work with, finding renewed energies both within yourself and those who work with you. You have worked hard during this whole year. Now you can see that your efforts are going to be recognized and your goals achieved. You are on the right path, so keep working, stay focused on your goals, and you’ll see your dreams come true, Scorpio!


Time to live your passions! This Full Moon in Aries – and your fertile, fifth house of love – put your passions high on your agenda, Sagittarius. With heady Mars in a retrograde spell, there’s no better time to review, reflect and assess your approach to lusty pursuits, sexual impulses, dating, and your love life, while acknowledging where you’re at today. Pat yourself on the back and keep moving. Let’s have some fun, Sagittarius!


Something or someone is threatening your inner tranquillity and your peace within your family.

You might find out that someone has put a cast over your actions towards them, even if you have done nothing at all to hurt anyone. (It is not your nature to hurt others). If it happens to you, keep calm. Look for truth and validation within the circle of your peers, do not fear other peoples’ judgment, and try to maintain a steady and righteous attitude even with those who are ‘attacking’ you. Truth always wins, and the good qualities that characterize your personality will always come to light. Storms come and go in everybody’s life, so look for the sun that is going to illuminate your life again. It will happen soon!


Let’s be social! October opens with a Full Moon in Aries, lighting up your sociable third house of communication skills, language, rapport, news, and messages – local interactions and debates in your environment – spotlighting your inner circle. You are going to be under the spotlights, and you feel you are ready for this. We all need a few worldliness without feeling guilty, right? Well, the right time is now, Aquarius. You need to step out of the ‘rational’ sphere and begin to act with a more light-hearted approach to life. Take some time out for yourself, enjoy the company of your friends, and do not get involved in pompous conversations about the meaning of life. Doing mundane things is not a crime, Aquarius!


You are focusing your efforts on the material world of income, finance, work, and plans for the future. During the month of October, there is no room for mundaneness because all your efforts are focused on the practical things that make you happy. You are planing your future and do not want to make mistakes. You are straight in your intentions, and nothing can distract you from achieving your goals. You have regained the self-confidence that you thought you had lost.

Now the time has come to manifest your qualities and, as a result, to earn more money, to achieve a higher social position, and to become more successful at what you do. Let’s go celebrate, Pisces! Better times are ahead!

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