Your negative thoughts often come from lesser spirits who desire to bring you down, they never come from the Angels.

It’s important that you recognize this so you can keep yourself out of the negative state of mind that negative thoughts create.

When you have a negative thought…

  • Notice it.

  • Pay attention to it.

  • Be present and recognize what’s happening.

  • Then do something to lift your spirits.

  • This could include listening to joyful music, reading from an inspirational book or closing your eyes and asking the Angels for help.

Here are a few steps you can follow to help you discern Angels from lesser spirits.


How to recognize the difference…

When, after meditation or prayer, you feel unseen beings around you, close your eyes and check with your heart to see whether they are coming from love. Like attracts like and your heart can tell that Angels come from love. God is love. If they come from God, they come from love. If the unseen beings are not coming from love – send them off.

After you’ve checked and you know they come from love, give them the test of time. Notice over the upcoming days and weeks if their presence causes you to feel loved and cared for. If yes, this is another very good clue they are Angels.

After you’ve checked and they pass the test of time, close your eyes and talk to the Angels—thanking them for their love, their understanding, and their assistance. Gratitude is an important part of building a relationship with them.

With this open loving energy on both sides in place, it will be easy for the Angels to help you.

One of the pieces of guidance they will certainly give you is that living in faith and love is a way you can help the good in your life to take root. Through the attitude of faith and love, you make it easier for the Angels to assist you. It will also be easier for you to recognize their ongoing presence.

source angelreadingsbyzara