Your Guardian Angels are constantly showering you with signs that they are around you.
This post will share with you 4 ways that your Guardian Angels communicate with you every day.

Are Guardian Angels Real? Guardian Angels. That very word conjures up mental images of these huge beings with luxurious wings.
And many people think, “Are Guardian Angels real?”

But if you follow this blog for any amount of time, you most likely know and realize that angels are indeed very, very real.

And your Guardian Angels are like those friends that stick closer than a brother.

Recently I was provided with the opportunity to sit down with a friend who had native American roots. He explained to me that he regularly uses elements of various aspects of spirituality in his daily practice as a Spiritual Shaman. We naturally gravitated to the subject of angels and he explained to me that while the term angel maybe a little bit subjective, it’s meaning is universal.

He defines angels in this manner: A Guardian Angel is a messenger from Higher Power that some may call God. Guardian Angels are sent to guide you and to teach you important life lessons. And more importantly, your Guardian Angels speak to you each and every day.

That really caught my interest because as a natural born Angel Communicator, it resonated with what I believe. And it got me thinking about how our Guardian Angels naturally communicate with us everyday.

As I reflected on this, I immediately noticed four ways that your Guardian Angels share with you their wisdom and love on a daily basis.

1. While You Sleep.
The first way they speak to you is while you sleep through your dreams. Guardian Angels often come to you while you’re sleeping, and in that dream state, whether you recognize them or not, they try to heighten your awareness and communicate with you through symbolism.

You can actually take advantage of this if you spend a few minutes every night speaking to your Guardian Angels right before you go to sleep. All you need to do is to ask your Guardian Angels to visit you in your dreams and to share with you important insights that you might need to know at this place in time.

If you’re going to try this method, always keep a notebook and pen right by your bed. So right when you wake up, you can try to jot down everything that occurred in your dreams.

As soon as you awaken write down anything that you can remember – even it doesn’t seem like it’s related to what the angels were trying to tell you. This will help you to get the memories back from your dream.

2. Physical Sensations and Emotional Feelings.
The second way that your Guardian Angels speak with you every day is through physical sensations and emotional feelings.

Physical sensations can range from feeling like someone is lightly touching your cheek, lightly stroking your hair, or even a feeling as if there’s somebody in the room with you.

Emotional sensations also vary. Common ones are the spontaneous welling up of joy, or the incredible feeling of love enveloping you.

For many people these sensations often occur when you become either frightened or upset about something. In response to your despair, your Guardian Angels try to provide you with these sensations in order to comfort you.

Whenever you feel these sensations, rest assured they’re right there wrapping you with their wings of love. So acknowledge that, and say thank you to them. Let them know that you’re grateful for their love and support.

3. Inner and Outer Voices.
The third way that they speak to you is through that still small voice within. The still small voice is the subtle inner voice that gently whispers hope and truth to you.

But sometimes your Guardian Angels borrow the voice of someone else to share messages of hope and love to you.

This may come in the form of something you hear on the radio or television. Or it can be something that someone in your direct presence says. Or perhaps even something you overhear a stranger saying to someone else – such as “you know you really should drive slower.”

With messages such as these you may think you are just making it up and decide to just let it go. My suggestion is that if you have any doubt that your Guardian Angels are actually speaking to you, it’s a good idea to follow the advice you hear. It may just help you to avoid some very unpleasant experiences.

4. Symbols and Signs.
The fourth way that your Guardian Angels speak to you are through symbols and signs. Guardian Angels often communicate with you by giving you little symbols or signs throughout the day.

These signs can vary widely and usually they’re very personal to you. Some examples might be finding white feathers, finding pennies on the street, or seeing bumper stickers that says your loved just when you needed that reminder.

The best way to tell whether these experiences are actual signs from your Guardian Angels or just coincidence is to pay attention to how you feel inside when you notice them. Because signs from your Guardian Angels will always have a really strong loving feeling attached to it.

It’s kind of like an incredible sense of awareness, or a really strong feeling that something is trying to get your attention to tell you something.

Your Guardian Angels can and will communicate with you in endless ways.
But the key here is to simply learn to pay attention to what they’re saying. You do this by noticing closely what’s going on around you. Pay attention to your emotions and your feelings. Pay attention to the small synchronicities going on around you.

And the more you work on heightening your awareness of your Guardian Angels and following the insight and hunches as you receive them, the more you will become confident knowing when your Guardian Angels are really trying to get your attention.

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Source: This article was originally written by Dar Payment and published on darpayment
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