5 Sure Ways to Attract only Good Friends into your Life

Everyone should have a healthy dose of perfect friends! But how do you attract only good friends into your life?

5 Sure Ways to Attract only Good Friends into your Life

Everyone should have a healthy dose of perfect friends! That's a rather bold statement, I know.

What do I mean when I say perfect friends?

  • We may think that the perfect friend is someone who we can lean on.
  • Or someone who will support us in difficult times.
  • Or someone who will be a shoulder to cry on when times get tough.

And although those attributes are nice and that may seem like what you really want in a friend, there are some flaws to that kind of thinking.

The flaw is that if you actively seek someone who will support you in any way, they will sense it and will probably run the other way!

Here are 5 Tips to Attract Perfect Friends with the Law of Attraction.

Tip 1. Become the Friend You Want to Have.

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In order to get the law of attraction to work for you in this regard, become the perfect friend first!

Envision the perfect friend, and then become that friend.

Then the universe will match you up with your perfect friend based upon the universal law of attraction. Remember, if you emit the “perfect friend” frequency, then perfect friends will be attracted.

Rather than seek someone who will support you, seek someone who you will have a good time with. And someone you can trust. Does that make sense?

You don't have to seek out a friend who you will have to support! Seek someone who is strong and independent like you. That way you won't attract someone who takes and takes from the friendship and never gives back.

These are the 5 types of friends worth spending time with.

Tip 2. Be More Willing to Give Than Receive.

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A perfect friendship is one where both of you are more willing to give than receive.

A perfect friendship is one that feels like you have known each other from a past life – almost as if you aren't meeting each other for the first time – that you are in reality, simply meeting again!

A perfect friendship does have thrive on common interests - be they just great company or something else

. At the same time, both of you value what the other person does and is into. And neither one of you acts against the interests of the other.

Tip 3. Embrace Your Unconditionally Loving Self.

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The perfect friendship is one where there is unconditional love and acceptance. Let me clarify.

It is having that special someone in your life that you can tell anything to and whom you can trust not to judge you. The truth of the matter is that we are all unconditionally loving beings worthy of everyones love.

Be your true, unconditionally loving self and you will attract the kinds of people who are just like you. You will find yourself attracted to groups of like-minded people. And you will finally fit in and be socially successful thanks to the law of attraction.

Tip 4. Follow Your Instinct!

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The Universe knows who your perfect friends are, and it knows where they are in relationship to where you are!

This is why it is so important to learn to follow your gut instinct whenever you feel it - the moment that you feel it.

Your higher self, or the universe speaks to you through your gut instinct and your emotions.

  • If you get a sudden urge to go to the grocery store, do it! Your perfect friend might be there right now!
  • If you get the urge to go out to a club and meet people, do it! Follow your heart.

The universe will line you up with your best friends very quickly if you simply learn to trust your intuition and act immediately.

The truth is that we each have thousands and thousands of “perfect friends” around the planet. All you have to do is to follow your own inner wisdom and you will find them.

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Tip 5. Join a MeetUp group.

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A big part of getting the LoA to work for you is getting off your ass - a friend won't fall into your lap if all you do is sit at home watching TV.

One of the easiest ways to meet really cool people, a place where your perfect friends are already in - is to join a MeetUp group.

www.meetup.com is a great, free place to start. They have all kinds of different meetup groups all around the world, and you are almost guaranteed to find great people in all of the groups that resonate with you. You can find meetup groups on the subject of the law of attraction, and meet like-minded people right away!

Your perfect friend is waiting for you!

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