What Is The Secret To Change Your Life?

Is it really possible to learn how to change your life? The answer is: yes, you absolutely can!

What Is The Secret To Change Your Life?
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The secret to definitely changing your life is ACCEPTANCE.

Accept what happens to you, and love, and embrace everything you experience in life without judgment. Do not separate yourself from life, and your life will change.

Everything will naturally fall into place if you let things happen and live your life fully, with all your presence.

Does a tree suffer when a leaf falls from its branch or when autumn strips its leaves one by one? The tree surrenders itself to the seasons because it knows there is a time for everything. It knows that after autumn and winter, spring will bring a new flowering and summer a new fullness.

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As so for us, when we surrender and align with the perfect rhythm of life. We accept that there is a time to let go of something old, and there is a time to allow something new to come into our lives. There is a time to sow and a time to reap.

When we accept what happens as it happens, we surrender to the natural, free stream of our existence. We harmonize with the flow of life, instead of living locked in the self-built prison of what we think we know, where the ego fosters its illusion of control.

Surrendering is not an act of resignation; it is an act of unconditional confidence in life.

To attempt to change the course of events, to struggle to make or not make things happen, means to try to divert the natural flow of life.

Things happen, and they always spontaneously happen in perfect timing. If we try to hasten the manifestation of events at any cost, they will more likely rapidly dissolve into a fog of incompleteness, go ahead with many difficulties, or miserably fail, thus making us experience suffering and frustration.

If we remain within the unconditional acceptance of the present moment, keeping our intentions pure and free from any expectations, nourishing them with love and trust, our life will change spontaneously.

We must remain silent and stand still: we must breathe.

Our existence here on earth begins and ends with a single breath.

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It is not necessary to do anything other that simply what we want to do and what makes us feel content, and let the vision of our accomplished wishes come to us spontaneously, shaped into the form of our new reality.

The Universe has its own timing that perfectly coincides with our inner timing, even if most of the time we are unaware of it. The Universe is always perfectly tuned with the deepest will of our souls.

Acceptance does not mean being passive.

It does not mean that we do not have to take any action in response to what happens. Acceptance is always the appropriate response to everything that happens, even before we decide whether to act.

The action that springs from the wisdom of acceptance is decisive, shaped to the circumstances, and in tune with our goals. It is like an arrow that never misses its target.

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The action that comes from acceptance is always the outcome of love and compassion rather than anger and resentment. It is the manifestation of our being in its entirety. Our reactions are always driven by our fragmentary and unbalanced egos. Reactions are biased, ill-proportioned, haphazard, and ineffective. When we react through the ego, we end up hurting others, and, as a consequence, we hurt ourselves. The reaction is like a boomerang: sooner or later, it will return to hit whoever threw it.

The reaction hurts. The action heals.

Let the flow of life, which is also the flow of love, carry you through every life experience.

Love has unfathomable plans, and achieving its goals takes unpredictable paths.

What we think is right for us today can become a misfortune tomorrow. What we consider unsuitable for us today could become a blessing tomorrow.

Abstaining from judgment, from hindering the stream of events, and unconditionally accepting what life brings to us can spare us a world of suffering, fear, and frustration.

The energies that we spend on fighting something or someone are the same energies that nourish and reinforce what or whom we are in opposition to.

Only what is accepted can be transformed.

When we begin to accept things as they are without judging them, we realize that everything that happens is an expression of divine perfection and that life is always a blessing.

Yes! We simply have to say an unconditional yes to life, and everything follows. The future comes naturally to us without us trying to anticipate it with our fears and projections.

We lose in order to find. We forget in order to remember. We die a death in the ego in order to be reborn in the Oneness, until the end of all our duality, until we become Human Angels: aware, compassionate messengers of love in service to the Oneness.

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