What Does Being A Human Angel Mean? Are You A Human Angel?

Find out what it means to be a Human Angel and if you are a Human Angel.

What Does Being A Human Angel Mean? Are You A Human Angel?
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The term "Angel" comes from the Latin word "Angelus," which, in its turn, comes from the Greek "ἄγγελος", having the meaning of messenger, in this case, "messenger of God".

A Human Angel is a messenger of Divine Love whose compassionate actions make a positive difference in other people's lives.

Human Angels have committed before their birth to work for a better world at this particular moment in which our planet is afflicted by dramatic events and changes. The world of ego is now starting to collapse, and the Human Angels have a task of love to carry out: reawakening human beings to the consciousness that, beyond the illusions of the ego and of separation, beyond conflicts and inequalities, there is only the Truth of the Oneness.

Human Angels are beacons that simply being who they are, illuminate the darkness, to help those who are still on the path to stay the course.

The ideas of "I" and "mine" are at the roots of all conflicts.

Every separation inevitably carries a seed of conflict, oppression, and suffering within it. Separations in reality do not exist; they only exist in our minds.

The mission of the Human Angels is to spread a new, enlightened vision of life; the only one that can actually change the world, that is the vision of the Unity of the All. We are all One, when we hurt someone we are hurting a brother, a sister, we are hurting our reflection in the mirror of life, we are hurting ourselves.

We are all One; only when this truth is awakened in the hearts of human beings, the world will begin to change.

We are infinite beings born from Love, to love and to be loved. We are divine creatures living inside a self-built prison of limiting beliefs.

The world of the ego has diverted us from our true nature, teaching us to be competitive, blind and deaf to others as well as to ourselves. The result is the suffering of humanity oppressed by living in a harassed world. Human beings have turned against their own mother, Mother Earth. They have plundered her resources, poisoned her seas and her soil and put her existence in jeopardy and also the survival of their own species.

The time has come to reunite in a collective action of awakened and conscious beings with a common vision of a new world.
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The time has come to turn our consciousness of the Oneness into action, to fully express it in our lives and to spread it in every corner of the world.

The energy that will arise will be powerful: it will be a bomb of Love that will awaken the planet. And so the divine plan of Love, whose messengers are the Human Angels, will be accomplished. This is already written in the wisdom of the world. As is written, so shall be done.

One by one we can change our world, all together we can create Heaven on Earth.

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  • open your heart and unfold your wings.
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  • turn your consciousness into action.
  • reunite in a collective action of conscious and awakened beings with a common vision of a new world.

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