10 Tips To Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

Having energy balance in your body is essential for your health. Signs you’ve been attacked by an energy vampire and 10 tips to protect yourself from them.

10 Tips To Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

Having energy balance in your body is essential for your health. Your energy is a very delicate balance and you become sick or perhaps don’t feel 100% when your energy flows are disturbed or blocked.


Your body functions at its optimum when in energetic balance.

I’d like to share with you a topic that has really affected my energy in the past – energy vampires.

Imagine someone you know who is really happy and fun to be around. It feels good, it feels safe, their happiness is infectious, you could spend hours in their company. You feel energised, light and alive.

Now imagine someone that complains a lot, is a drama queen, is unhappy and constantly moaning. What does it feel like to be around them? Not so nice is it? I bet you feel tired, miserable, exhausted and uncomfortable.

Maybe there’s times you have to go and rest after a phone conversation or a meet up with this person. You don’t feel energised at all.

Chances are this person is an ‘energy vampire’ and they are stealing your energy, happiness and joy.

An energy vampire is someone who cannot sustain their own energy or life force so they feed off others who are at a higher energetic level.

They are unhappy and struggle to find the joy within so they seek it outside of themselves.


There’s many energy vampire personalities.
For example:

The Victim

feels the world is against them, they’re constantly moaning or sobbing, trying to feed off other people’s attention.

The Blamer

always blaming others and not taking responsibility for their own actions. They put the onus on someone else, they hand out guilt, dumping all their crap onto others and dampening down their energy.

The Drama Queen

looking for attention, acting up. Everything is enhanced to an enormous scale of negative energy thus stealing the energy of others.

The Charmer

the joker, talker, wanting to be the centre of attention, wanting other people’s energy directed at them.

The Green Eyed Monster

jealous. Wanting what others have, not happy with what they’ve got, trying to take what’s not theirs.

The Guilt Tripper

using shame to get what they want from other people.

The Gossiper

not happy with their own life so looking for drama I other people’s lives.

Telling Secrets
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The Insecure

pulls others down to their level of low self esteem.

The Paranoid Android

Highly anxious and fearful. Chaotic energy surrounds them causing imbalances in those around them.

As you can see there’s many types of energy vampires. The important thing that I want to point out is that they can be your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, shop assistants, the person sitting beside you on the bus.

It can be well meaning, normal people but in moments of unhappiness, illness or stress their energy can be very low and drain healthy, happy people.

Signs you’ve been in contact and attacked by an energy vampire

  • You’re exhausted, tired (even after a phone conversation), weak, sick
  • You’re unfocused, depressed, a headache has developed
  • Lack of motivation
  • You notice a slimy feeling when you’re in their presence
  • You feel fearful, unworthy, are unhappy
  • Your chest tightens when you meet them


10 Tips to protect yourself from energy vampires

You will encounter energy vampires so awareness is vital. Look out for the signs above.

Take a deep breath, centre yourself and stand your ground. Do not allow them to bring you down to their level.

Set boundaries, say no. You have the choice to walk away and not deal with them.

Do not react, stay neutral. They will get bored and go feed off someone else.

Cut cords of attachment. If you think someone is draining you, imagine there’s a cord attaching them to you and cut through it with an imaginary axe – one swift chop – done. Detached.

Use light. If you’ve left a particular yucky situation, imagine you are standing under a shower of silver light to cleanse and wash away any ickiness. You can also shield protect yourself with white light, imagine yourself surrounded by white light and set the intention that your energy stays with you. I like to use pink light. I imagine surrounding myself with pink light to protect me so they can’t steal my energy but also that I can send love to them.

Ask Archangel Michael for help. He’s really great for clearing negative energy and shielding you from energy attacks. He’ll surround you with his beautiful blue light.


Wear a crystal pendant or jewelry to act as a buffer in harsh energy situations. I like to wear rose quartz, I find it very soothing and offers love and compassion.
Also consider ‘what do you I to learn from this situation?’ For example, if you’re attracting jealous and competitive people, chances are those people are attracted to you because you are acting the same. If you work through your issues, these people will get bored and move onto feed off someone else.

The best thing to do: surround yourself with happy, positive people and be happy and positive yourself.

Take a moment and consider if there is someone in your life that is draining you.

I hope some of these tips help you in protecting your precious energy.

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