How To Have A Powerful Relationship With Your Guardian Angel

Learn how to have a powerful relationship with your Guardian Angel and invite her/him to work with you

How To Have A Powerful Relationship With Your Guardian Angel

All those learners of healing therapies are always curious about Guardian Angels. I was also one among them when He got me alert to my life purpose and put me in the healing therapies. I used to have so many questions running around in my mind about guardian angels and I was even more excited to make a better connection with them. I researched many sources to seek the answers of all the questions. At last, my higher-self guided me to meet my eagerness and since then I have been having experiences with these spiritual beings. I’m a learner and always will be. I’m often asked many questions about how to communicate with guardian angels.

And my guardian angels directed me to put my experience in writing for them to help all the fellow-souls on same journey as mine.

So what are guardian angels exactly? Well, Guardian Angels are heavenly helpers assigned by God at the moment of conception not only to every human soul but to all the inhabitants of earth. They know exactly what you need on your spiritual journey for your divine life purpose.

Guardian angels are always there to help and they never leave your side from birth through death no matter what mistakes you make, they love you no matter what.

In fact, as you are reading this, recognize the fact that your guardian angels is standing by your side and watching you reading this. Actually, when humans incarnate on earth, we come down here with no past memories. We’re given freedom of choice. Our guardian angels will always give us guidance and love, but it is our free will whether we listen to it or not.


How Do Angels Communicate with Us?

If someone is wondering how angels communicate? The answer is very simple, they are constantly communicating with you with the help of signs and omens but you are always blind and often ignore them. Every one of you is being offered many signs and you not at all need to be a professional psychic for receiving the messages from them. When you ask them for help, if you are able to receive the message from them directly, they will communicate directly with you. But if you are unable to communicate directly with them, they will find indirect ways to communicate with you.


I’m going to discuss a few ways that I have experienced so far about how they talk to me:

• Angels may answer your questions in your dreams. You may get information in your dreams for solutions to the problems you are going through.
• All of a sudden, you may have a strong desire to meet someone or get something done.
• If you meditate, the answers may come through thoughts. If you are able to feel their vibration, you may feel this as tingling energy moving through the body.
• They may communicate with you by a moment of unexpected vision, pictures on the Third Eye chakra.
• If you are in library, a book may fall off a shelf unexpectedly near you. Because they want you to read it or you will get answers in that book. I got a book as present from one of my friends, and I got many answers from that book.
• Someone may appear at the right moment, when you are in great need of their assistance.


• You may have a strong urge to turn somewhere while driving you hadn’t planned to. And later on, you come to know that there was a problem at the road that could make you late for an important meeting. That’s how your guardian angels assist you.
• You may get your answers through online sources, a song playing on radio, newspaper or magazine.
• You may overhear a conversation between strangers sitting beside you. And get an idea to solve your problems.
• You might experience coincidences very often. You get used to unexpected offerings and help all the time.
• Miracles might become a daily routine and that make you feel so blessed that you may even cry of happiness!

After asking your angels for assistance, always pay close attention to the repetition of words or numbers you see, hear or think. Notice the song you are hearing repeatedly or seeing something particular most of time. Keep asking until you feel you have properly understood their guidance.

How to Make a Good Connection with Your Guardian Angels?

• You must ask your guardian angels for help even though they are permanently appointed by your side. Angels want to help us but can’t help us unless we ask. Just ask!
• Create your own way of invoking them and sincerely pray them in your own language filled with love and devotion.
• After praying and asking for assistance, have deep faith in angels that your prayer has already been answered. Be patient and avoid being judgemental. Angels will shower their blessings on you soon!
• Invite your guardian angels to work with you. Welcome them always to be around you. They provide aid in number of unexpected ways that are often misunderstood as coincidences.
• You always get assistance when needed, but the thing is how fast you walk on the path shown by them. The faster you act, the faster you receive more assistance.
• Ask for a sign that they are near you. But never ask them with the intention to prove themselves. They can read each and every thought of yours.
• Start keeping an angel journal. Try to express what you feel for them and pay gratitude for all their help. Write why do you need their assistance? Why you want to feel their presence? etc.
• Start writing down all the messages or signs you notice in a journal and analyse them later.
• Talk to your angels aloud or silently in your mind. Express yourself with unbreakable trust, “O my dear Angels, I regard you from my heart and soul. Please guide me for______________.”


• Start seeking information dedicated to Angels. In this way, you will open your mind, body and soul to their higher realms and you will start feeling their presence and high energies at the very moment of reading the information on them.
• Visualize yourself surrounded by a white golden divine energy. This will raise the vibrations of your aura and it will be easier for you to connect with angelic energies.
• Sit and send them vibes full of love and true feelings. Send them Reiki and healing energies.
• Imagine an Angel standing beside you. Try to feel their energy and presence. Start talking to them and feel the bliss!

In the end, I’d suggest whenever you ask anything from your guardian angels never forget to thank them. It may take days, weeks and even months to receive the answers you are seeking for. They might give you the answer same day, but you might not be able to understand.

Simply relax and quiet your mind and be realistic with your expectations. Angels are supernatural beings with supernatural powers and vibrate at a very high level and it may take a while to get aligned with their vibration.

Try to awaken your senses by meditating regularly. Patience will help you establish a better connection with your guardian angels. Be patient!

Learn how to meet with your Guardian Angel.

Article source: By Ashima Gautam
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