How to know your Guardian Angel? Select A Wing!

How to know your Angel? Below are the images of the angelic wings, select the one that resonated in your soul, and find out which Guardian Angel is always with you.

How to know your Guardian Angel? Select A Wing!

Each person has their own Guardian Angel. Angels heal, help, and give signs to choose the right path.

And how to know your Angel?

Below are the images of the angelic wings, select the one that resonated in your soul, and find out which Guardian Angel is always with you. Choose with your heart, listen to inner feelings, and make your choice.

1. Raphael


Raphael is the Archangel of Healing. His name means "The Divine Heals." If you or a loved one is in physical pain or is sick, Archangel Raphael is your go-to for help.

Because he has the supreme power of healing the Soul, Raphael can also help you heal emotional hurts and wounds.

He does this primarily by helping you to release negative thought energy that weighs you down and by transforming negative thoughts and beliefs into more empowering ones.

He heals and protects from evil. Even the cruelest disease will disappear without a trace with his help.

He can also heal the soul, remove anxiety and fill your heart with light and warmth.

You can strengthen even faded Love in a family with his help. To communicate with your Angel, you can use green or yellow lavender.

2. Michael


Archangel Michael is probably the most known and popular of all the Archangels. His name means "he who is like the Divine."

Archangel Michael is the Protector Angel. He helps protect you every day and also helps to soothe your fears. Michael will help you to sever unwanted connections to your past. He will also help you disconnect from people who may harm you somehow. Michael will help you safely remove these things from your life, whether a situation or person.

Archangel Michael will also give you the self-confidence or clarity to find and engage in your life purpose.

Michael is a fighter for justice. If a person is hurt or not lucky in life, Michael will come to help.

To connect with Michael, a sincere appeal for help will help to establish a connection with him.

3. Gabriel


The Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of Love, Compassion, and Sympathy.** Gabriel is believed to be the most responsive of the Angels, answering human prayers and pleas. Therefore, Gabriel is also considered the Patron of all Messengers. Gabriel is a mighty Archangel, and he is summoned in almost every ritual in Christianity. But Everyone should ask Gabriel" s guidance, for he is a bright Archangel who spreads Love and Good news. Ask him to enlighten your life, brighten your spirituality, conquer your fears, and live your life with strength and Love.

Ask Gabriel" s assistance in any spell you like, as long as you are sure that this spell will only benefit you and the world.

Invoke and Pray to Archangel Gabriel, offering to him lilies and resin

  • For General Blessings and nearly anything you want
  • For Love for Truth for Assistance in Water Magic (it goes without saying that magic should always be benevolent for Gabriel to assist you)
  • For Assistance in Moon Magic (or to be favored by the Moon's phases ) and ease a broken heart for fertility Magic for protection.
  • For psychic abilities to aid you in Telepathy, send a psychic message of Love to someone far away for Guidance. Offer Him spring Water or Lilies and Speak from your heart.

Gabriel is a keeper of the human race. He helps women to protect their children from adversity. He gives inspiration to creative people and helps in the realization of desires.

To strengthen the relationship with him, the branches of jasmine will help. Your Guardian Angel likes blue and orange colors.

4. Uriel


Uriel is an angel who goes by many names…. Strange, some may think, but no…. It is not. Names are one-word descriptions of the purpose, not so much the being. "Michael" means "who is like God," but this being's name changed to Emmanuel when he went to earth, as it meant then "God is with them." So "who is like god" became "God is with them," when this God-like being was with them…humans… Names mean nothing here on earth. It is all given by humans who use name symbolism to confuse.

Half of the people we know who are sneakily doing this to me or have plans of doing it are already known, and they have something coming from the highest for this deception.

He maintains a connection between the world of the living and the dead and brings messages from deceased relatives.

He helps to get new knowledge and improves memory.

You can get in contact with Uriel at any time. You need to use sandalwood and chamomile. Your keeper prefers green and brown.

How To Ask Help From Archangels For Healing and Protection

We can receive help and healing from Angels and Archangels as they possess Divine attributes and support everything in the Universe.

Angelic energy sustains, nurtures, and protects humanity, and angels are responsible for every situation known to humankind. Angels and Archangels can assist us on all levels – the body and soul, mind and spirit.

When requesting help and healing from the Angels and Archangels, consider it a request or invitation from the heart.



Archangel Raphael is the healer and physician within the angelic realm. Archangel Raphael can be called upon for healing ourselves and others and for helping to find the inner guidance and inspiration to help others.

Archangel Raphael's name means 'God heals' or 'God has healed.

To invoke healing from Archangel Raphael, use green or yellow candles and expect speedy results, generally within a week.

Emerald is the healing crystal associated with Archangel Raphael, as are the essential oils Lavender and Anise Star.


Archangel Chamuel helps to heal emotional dis-ease and discord. In addition, Archangel Chamuel assists with developing the higher emotions of the Heart Chakra.

To invoke emotional healing from Archangel Chamuel, use pink candles and/or pink roses when making your request.

The essential oils of Rose Otto and Rose can be used to contact Archangel Chamuel and open the Heart Chakra, bringing about Love, inner peace, and emotional balance.

Rose Quartz crystals* resonate with emotional healing and with Archangel Chamuel.



Archangel Zadkiel is the Archangel of 'Divine Joy,' whose name means 'the Righteousness of God.

Archangel Zadkiel is the Guardian of the 'Violet Flame of Spiritual Transformation and Healing, and he is the Archangel of Mercy.

Archangel Zadkiel brings us comfort in our hour of need.

Benzoin essential oil can connect with Archangel Zadkiel to gain spiritual wisdom, understanding, detachment, and the letting go of painful emotions and emotional wounds.

Lavender, Violet, or Amethyst colored candles can be used to contact Archangel Zadkiel.


Ask Archangel Jophiel and the 'angels of illumination to help with study, research, information retention, examinations, and tests. Archangel Jophiel is the 'angel of wisdom,' and he connects us to our higher selves.

Archangel Jophiel also offers help to absorb new skills and talents. He also provides the illumination of wisdom to fuel your creativity.

Archangel Jophiel's name means 'Beauty of God.

Archangel Jophiel can be invoked if you are feeling blocked and/or if your creativity needs a boost. Burn yellow candles to invoke help and healing from Archangel Jophiel.


Archangel Chamuel specializes in relationships and matters of the heart as well as emotional healing. Therefore, we can ask for help and healing from angels and archangels when it comes to our emotional lives and the relationships we conduct with others.

Archangel Chamuel assists with seeking your 'soul mate' or a life partner.

Archangel Chamuel directs the 'angels of love,' who helps in all situations that require heartfelt communication.


Archangel Michael is humanity's protector and can be called upon for strength and empowerment.

Archangel Michael's name means 'Who is like God, or 'He who is like God, and he is often associated with the Blue Ray (the will of God) and offers us faith, truth, and protection.

The essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh can be used to contact and connect with Archangel Michael.



We can ask for help and healing from angels and archangels in all matters to do with 'new life. Archangel Gabriel guides all mid-wives and all to do with pregnancy and childbirth and is the Archangel of Mercy and Revelation.

The essential oils of Jasmine and Camphor can be used to awaken, connect and communicate with Archangel Gabriel, as jasmine induces optimism and opens us up to the angelic realms. Camphor dispels negative energies and cleanses and purifies.

Call Archangel Gabriel for all to do with pregnancy and prenatal care, labor, and newborn baby care. To aid with childbirth, light a bright green candle.

Archangel Sandalphon is the 'angel of prayer' and is said to decide the gender of a child.


Archangel Gabriel is also the 'angel of Death and Transition.' If the death has been sudden due to natural disasters or artificial mayhem, and many souls are involved, call upon Archangel Sandalphon.

For the death of an animal, summon Meshabber.

"We can request and receive help and healing from angels and archangels in all areas of our lives … all we need to do is remember to ask. "