The Ego Is As Functional For The Awakening Of The Soul As The Cocoon Is For The Butterfly

What is Ego? A Simple Yet Powerful Way to Transcend Ego and Suffering.

The Ego Is As Functional For The Awakening Of The Soul As The Cocoon Is For The Butterfly
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To overcome the ego does not mean that we have to fight against it.

Overcoming the ego is a healing process that begins with accepting and loving, without judgment, everything about ourselves, including what we label as our weaknesses and mistakes.

If everything, as an expression of the Oneness, happens in perfection, then the manifestation of the ego, as well as everything else, always happens in the perfection of the Oneness.

The ego is as functional for the awakening of the soul as the cocoon is for the butterfly. The ego is not an enemy to fight, and there is no war to be won. There is solely love in its pure essence: Unconditional Love that means not judging but allowing everything to be as it truly is.
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The practice of Unconditional Love starts with the full acceptance of ourselves, simply as we are. This does not mean that if we unconditionally accept ourselves we interrupt our journey of evolution and self-improvement. Unconditional acceptance of ourselves simply means that we value and love ourselves without stopping our quest for inner growth.

We unconditionally accept ourselves while keeping a constant focus on the highest manifestation of ourselves. We unconditionally surrender and trust the flow of life, believing that it will naturally lead us to our Highest Good. Total acceptance of ourselves at the present moment without judging things that happen, letting things happen as they happen, is the final act that frees us from the ego: this is the unconditional surrender of the ego to the Higher Self.

When we recognize our divine nature and choose to manifest it, we cease to identify with the ego and we rely on our Higher Self, the Universal soul that is the cause and purpose of our lives, the bridge that unites opposites, reconnecting us to the Oneness and to Unconditional Love, beyond any separation. Judgment, attachments to our past, fear of loss, fear of change lead us to attempt to control our life and crystallize it in forms that, sooner or later, produce suffering. The ego cannot live in the present, the Here and Now, because it continually produces projections and fantasies, having the illusion of directing the flow of life. Whether we plan or not, life goes on anyway, whether we try to control events or not, things happen in any case.

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To attempt to change the course of events, to struggle to make or not make things happen, means to try to divert the natural flow of life.

Things simply happen and they always spontaneously happen in perfect timing. If we try to hasten the manifestation of events at any cost, they will more likely rapidly dissolve into a fog of incompleteness, or just go ahead with many difficulties, or miserably fail, thus making us experience suffering and frustration.

If we remain within the unconditional acceptance of the present moment, keeping our intentions pure and free from any expectations, nourishing them with love and trust, what we have chosen to manifest will naturally happen without effort. We must remain silent and stand still: we must simply breathe.

Our existence here on earth begins and ends with a single breath. It is not necessary to do anything other than simply what we want to do and what makes us feel content, and let the vision of our accomplished wishes come to us spontaneously, shaped into the form of our new reality.

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The Universe has its own timing that perfectly coincides with our inner timing, even if most of the time we are unaware of it. The Universe is always perfectly tuned with the deepest will of our souls.

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