Is Your Inner Child Wrecking Your Romantic Relationship?

How do you know if you have a wounded inner child? Is your inner child wrecking your romantic relationship? Why it happens and what to do about it.

Is Your Inner Child Wrecking Your Romantic Relationship?
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The energy within a romantic relationship is so powerful that it has the potential to unlock our inner child, the most vulnerable part of ourselves that we generally try to keep secret.

The inner child makes us draw out our emotional blocks and our oldest and deepest scars, those that, since childhood, we have hidden within ourselves.

Our partner, as our most intimate mirror, has the natural ability to fracture and shatter the wall of judgment, self-control, and self-censure behind which we hide ourselves.

Thus revealing and freeing our inner child, which in reality is only asking to be recognized and loved. The inner child needs to have the possibility to manifest and show itself openly to the world to heal its wounds of love and experience of life.

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Only in this way can the inner child again begin to trust and unconditionally love the world, accepting and unconditionally loving itself.

We often hide from others because of self-judgment, the parts of ourselves that we are ashamed to show. We choose to show only the parts that we consider “acceptable.”

In this way, we end up believing in a false representation of ourselves until an emotional involvement within a romantic relationship unveils what was hidden behind our mask.

We are naked in front of the mirror of a romantic relationship.

Observing ourselves during a romantic relationship tells us exactly at which point of our healing journey we are.

You only receive the love that you think you deserve.
The recognition of love that is denied by your partner is the recognition of love that you deny yourself. If you are experiencing a troubled relationship, it is because you are co-creating it, day by day, through self-limiting beliefs, judgment, separation, as well as through the unconscious projections of your inner child.

By healing the wounds of our inner child, we rebalance and achieve the Sacred Union of our inner feminine and masculine sides, rejoining ourselves in love with love.

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When we heal the feminine side within ourselves, we also heal the masculine and vice versa because when we rebalance either of the two sides, the other side also rebalances. At this point, the two polarities of the masculine and feminine sides - that of the father (the energy of giving) and that of the mother (the energy of receiving) - join in love and merge with each other. Like partners, they begin to dance together to the rhythm of life, alternatively driving the dance in perfect harmony.

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