How to Empower Your Life with the help of the Celestial Team

The Celestial Team is a Divine Team ready to help you at any time. Learn how to vastly empower your life using their unlimited capabilities!

How to Empower Your Life with the help of the Celestial Team

Would you like to empower your life but don't know how to do it?

Ask the Celestial Team for help!

When we look for guidance, protection, and inspiration for a better life for our loved ones and ourselves, there are some celestial beings and other supernatural entities who watch over us.

It does not matter how much some people might or might not believe in their abilities to help because all these wonderful supernatural beings know no judgment. With immense love and patience, they always come to help us along our life journey.

We can think of them as The Celestial Team.

Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Animals, and Spirit Guides are always ready to spring into action to help us solve our problems, be they large or small ones.

But there is a flip side for those who do not believe in the ability of the Celestial Team to help them.

On the one hand, the Celestial Team indeed comes to help anybody out of any judgment, but on the other hand, their help can be magnified by our prayers and other important rituals to ask for their help and create the life we desire with greater ease and less struggle.

“There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke, but you and I we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate.” cit. Bob Dylan, All Along the Watchtower.

By following some easy rituals, we can empower our lives and get the best help we can receive, because the Celestial team has unlimited capabilities to help us in all fields of life.

And the good news is, we do not need to ask for specific help from one of the ‘members’ of the Celestial Team because they are already connected with us at an energetic level.

Depending on the circumstance, or on our request, or the seriousness of the situation, there is always one ‘member’ of the Celestial Team ready to spring into action and deliver us what we need at that specific moment in time.

So, what do we have to do to ask for their intervention? What kind of actions must we take?

Asking for their help once in our heads could be enough. But if we want to boost their capabilities we can add emphasis by using any of the following:

1. Stay focused on your desire

2. Ask for one single thing at a time

3. Say and repeat your request three times in a row

4. Say it loudly (don’t be shy!)

5. Write it down, and keep that paper at home, in a place that gives you inner peace and tranquillity.

To strengthen the energy of your request for their help, you can also light a candle or play a specific song.

Especially when you send your requests through prayers, using different colored candles can increase the outcome of your prayers.

If you want to dig deeper into the power of prayer using different colored candles, you can read this article.

Photo by Nino Maghradze / Unsplash

After sending your requests to the Celestial Team, don’t start ‘panicking’ if nothing happens. The Universe has its timing, and the Celestial Knows better than us when the time is right for them to intervene and help us.

In the meantime, do these three simple things:

1. Relax, sip tea, or coffee.

2. Take some time out for yourself, without keeping your focus on the requests you have sent. Constantly waiting for something to happen might create a bit of ‘celestial confusion’, so keep quiet and listen to your favorite song, or read a book.

3. Enjoy the present moment and live every second with gratitude.

When you feel completely relaxed, bring into your life the habit of spending each day a few moments in deep contact with nature. You do not have to live in a remote and unspoiled place to do this. Take a walk near a park, in a field, or by the beach even if you are not living in the Maldives.

Staying connected with Mother Nature helps you to stay connected with your Higher Self, which is the door to Unconditional Love and Help from the Celestial Team.

Some people say that they do not get any message from the Angels. It is not so. The Angels and the whole Celestial team are always connected with us, but the signs of their presence may vary depending on the kind of help that is needed.

We all receive the Angels' guidance in different ways and at different moments.
Some people immediately ‘feel’ their presence, and get their messages. Some others say they don’t get them. For those who are not yet deeply connected with the Celestial Team and the Angelic Realm, don’t worry. If you are not sure of having received a message from the Angels, just ask again. As previously written in this article, The Celestial Team knows no judgment. If you are not sure of having received the message or the sign you were waiting for, repeat your request, and the Celestial Team will send you another message. You’ll get it. The Angels want to help you, and nothing makes an Angel happier than helping you!

Day by day, you will develop an unconscious yet powerful ability to feel their presence and read their messages.

By following their wisdom, you will soon begin to experience a joyful and fulfilled life manifesting all your heart desires.

Reference: holzwellness

Blog cover image:  Mohamed Elsikh from Pixabay