How to Tell Whether You’re Wasting Your Life or Not

Your life is too precious to be wasted in doing things you do not like. Find out where you are on your path of life.

How to Tell Whether You’re Wasting Your Life or Not

Subjectively life can be wasted in a number of different ways, namely through:

  • Addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, etc.).
  • Enslavement to money/status/material gain.
  • Misplaced loyalty (e.g. to dead-end jobs, dishonest/abusive partners).
  • Action without feeling, also known as dutiful living (to family, partners, corporations, nations, etc.).
  • Doing what everyone else says or what is socially “acceptable,” but not doing what you authentically want.
  • Pleasing everyone else but yourself.

Objectively, however, life can’t be wasted because life simply IS with or without you. At your core you are Life, and Life is you. Your body, personality, thoughts, feelings, actions, accomplishments, failures, memories, desires and wants all come and go, change and evolve, but in the end the essence of you is unchanging and ceaseless: it can’t be “wasted” just as much as it can’t be “fulfilled” because it is already whole and complete.

Isn’t that a relief? Although you may subjectively fail on an ego/identity/self level, on the soulful/consciousness level you can never fail because you are already pure, unlimited and absolute.

Remember this when you pursue a life path: you are already complete at your core. The more you pursue joy, the more joy paradoxically evades you because joy can never be caught or achieved, joy IS, right here and right now.

So in the end, to be able to truly experience success and fulfillment you must be willing to stop the search for “something else” that will make you happy in the form of a good job, respectable title, loving partner, big family or exotic lifestyle. This doesn’t mean abandoning all of your hopes and dreams for physical and emotional prosperity, but instead shifting the emphasis from fulfillment and joy found in the future, to fulfillment and joy found here and now, without having to do anything, without everything having to be perfect, without any condition.

This is true fulfillment.

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