Pick Your Favorite Oracle Card To Receive A Prophetic Message

Take a deep breath and look at these Oracles' pictures. Which one caught your eye immediately? Then read the prophetic message for you.

Pick Your Favorite Oracle Card To Receive A Prophetic Message

Would you like to receive a prophetic message?

In classical antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel, prophetic predictions, or precognition of the future inspired by the gods. As such, it is a form of divination.

So all you have to do is take a deep breath and calmly look at the pictures of these 8 Oracles for a brief moment.

Which one of these are you drawn to the most? Which one caught your eye immediately? Then read the prophetic message each one reveals to you.


CARD Number 1

You are called to realize your full potential and to choose to become a force for good in the world.

Whether or not you are aware of it, you are embarking on a grand spiritual quest. Your soul leads you to a myriad of discoveries about who you are and what you came here to achieve this lifetime. Each of us has a unique journey tailored especially for us and designed to reach our highest potential. This quest will give you significant insight into your purpose here on Earth.

For many, this journey will be preceded by a period of upheaval, confusion, and conflict, which has birthed a desire for greater clarity and concrete answers about the meaning and purpose of your life. From this spiritual journey you are undertaking, you will gain wisdom, enlightenment, and an enhanced sense of your personal power.

As you travel on this path, make a point to commit to the quest and not be tempted by distractions that may cause you to veer off track.

The hermit is urging you to focus your energy less on having and more on simply being. Your spiritual growth can be enhanced by the regular practice of meditation and self-reflection at this time.

CARD Number 2

Reading, research, and education help you gain confidence and clarity about your career.

This picture indicates that you need additional information to feel confident about your career path. Fortunately, the angels are guiding you clearly in this regard. Please notice your recurring ideas and feelings about taking classes, engaging a mentor, reading a book, or other forms of research and study.

You're also receiving signs from above that point you in supportive directions. For example, several people may recommend the same book to you in a short span of time. This indicates that angels deliver guidance to you through other people's messages. In addition, there's something vital for you in that frequently mentioned book, movie class, location, or other ideas.

The angels have opened the doorway of information for you; now it's up to you to accept their gift by reading that book, watching that movie, taking that class, or visiting that location.

CARD Number 3

Keep doing what you're doing because it is working.

If you doubted your feelings and plans, this picture is your angel's way of encouraging you to continue with your present dreams and goals.

Just the act of having a dream has added passion and meaning to your life. So now the angels are encouraging you to take positive action steps related to your vision. They know you'll feel happier and energized as you devote daily time and energy to its fruition.

Begin by centering your mind and body with a few deep breaths. Next, close your eyes and silently ask your guarding angels, "Please clearly give me signs, guidance, motivation, support, and inspiration related to my Divine life purpose."

Notice the thoughts and feelings you receive after making this request. Next, work as a team with your angels by asking them for additional information and clarity, and then follow that guidance as it occurs.

CARD Number 4

To live is to burn, grow, and ignite the heart and soul with passionate devotion to a higher purpose.

I ask you to remain open to me even if you are in shock, denial, or feel betrayed or broken.

To live with an open heart is for the brave souls that love me and are capable of loving the world. I bring you Holy Fire. It burns through me as a spiritual passion and ignites now in your also, my child.

You are to receive this fire and set the world's heart aflame.

When we don't have spiritual passion in our hearts, we fall in love with empty substitutes. For example, we might yearn for a fantasy relationship that never quite manifests or does for a short time before revealing itself to be less than substantial. Or perhaps we desire a great job with a high income, only to find that even if we achieve this, there is still a space in our hearts that is not satisfied by what we have attained.

To feel genuinely connected to our divine destiny, we must be willing to allow our hearts to burn for something greater than our own individual needs and wants. It is not comfortable to do this, but it is fulfilling in a way that cannot be attained by any other method. It is not wrong to have individual needs and wants, of course. However, we cannot quench another's thirst if our cup is so broken it cannot sustain nourishing liquid for us, let alone for anyone else. Yet the oracle of Our Lady Of Holy Fire speaks to us of a passion for the Divine coming into our hearts, which will empower us to love the world, allowing the Divine Mother to flow through us and assist our world, which is amid rebirth right now.

The Holy Fire in our hearts makes us want to grow spiritually – we cannot help but be intrigued by it, feel drawn to it, compelled to work at it, and keep going even when it gets tough or seems downright impossible.

It makes us want to contribute something helpful to the world, to become empowered and truthful in how we live, and to live with goodwill and a genuine desire that all beings become happy and free.

That Holy Fire in the heart is what fuels us when we are in dark, challenging times in our lives, when we force ourselves through the strength of our inner will, to reach towards the Divine for help, rather than collapsing in defeat or drowning in feelings of rejection or abandonment. Our Lady Of Holy Fire is the patron protector of the mystical soul, the soul that yearns to know the Divine and connect in a natural, healthy, and palpable way.

That soul wants to know the Divine more than it wants to play power games or rule the world.

That soul wants to cut through all the nonsense it knows is unimportant and experience divine truth. So you hold this mystical heart, beloved, and Our Lady comes to you with acknowledgment of this and appreciation for your spiritual passion.

If you feel that your faith has been wavering, or you are finding it difficult to trust that a situation will work out, Our Lady comes to you with comfort.

She reinforces your spiritual strength now. She reminds you now of the unlimited divine resources you can access through her grace. She reminds you that to love is to burn in a spiritual fire for the Divine and that this fire is in your heart, ignited.

She reminds you that you are her child, but you are a living divine flame filled with her power and glory, and nothing shall subdue your light or spirit. If you find it difficult to relate to this message, you are being asked to loosen your grip on a situation you are trying to hold on to. Let it burn in the holy fire of the Mother, and know that what emerges from that situation will be far superior and far more suitable for all concerned.

Allowing it to burn means being completely honest, not hiding yourself or your true feelings.

It means giving up doubt and daring to believe that you don't have to be afraid. If you don't feel ready to do this quite yet, that is fine. You will get to that place at the right time and in the right way. Trust her, and trust yourself.

CARD Number 5

A rare prize is to be bestowed upon you. The Universe confirms that the most luscious dreams of your heart are being nurtured into manifestation. To this end, you shall be given a saving grace, an intervention if necessary. To be open to receive, surrender doubt in favor of unconditional trust. Your trust and optimism make it easier for the Universe to give you a most deserved gift.

A rare prize is worth the effort to attain it. Your efforts will need to include loving discipline.

Loving discipline is not about bending the world according to your will but reading yourself to align with the spirit of what you want to receive. To receive, rather than attempt to take by force, requires strength, trust, spiritual intelligence, and courage. It is easier to try and force things from a scary place, but it is more effective and empowering to learn how to attract and receive through consciously chosen surrender. This allows the Universe to do its best work for you!

To surrender is not about passivity but doing all we can and trusting life enough to let go and allow the outcome to be what it will.

Surrendering is not giving up. It's about trusting that there is a tremendous and generous intelligence expressing itself through our lives, and if open to it, great treasures are bestowed upon us. So the discipline spoken of here is about changing your consciousness. It asks you to release issues around self-worth. Why should you not be empowered and assisted by the Universe to create a life that fills you with joy and feels 'just right for you? Of course, you should, can, and will be! Release any lack of self-worth that would get in the way of your opening in complete trust to the Universe.

The angels assist in shifting the mind from scarcity to prosperity consciousness, where we feel we can receive precious gifts with an easy open attitude, neither holding on to them out of fear nor pushing them away out of shame or guilt.

When they enter your life, they bring a sign of abundance headed your way. This might manifest itself in many and varied ways: in financial wealth, career opportunities, increased love and affection in your relationships; or as a sense of living in the rich fullness of life, spiritually as well as emotionally and materially.

CARD Number 6

Miracles Happen, a transformation, an art, a sacred power. It requires the ability to go through the death of an old self, to be reborn again. Death might be an identity, a lifestyle or career, or an inner sense of self that no longer seems enough to truly reflect how you are becoming.

It requires strength and flexibility to be like bamboo and bend without breaking. You have to be so strong in your sense of your essence that you recognize that underneath all life changes, there is a kernel of essential, eternal you that is always the same.

That is your spiritual anchor within, a feeling of peaceful consistency even while the rigors of life work their magic upon you, causing you to change and grow in other ways. The flexibility you possess will indicate the extent to which transformation is possible.

Are you willing to let go of what you have known, who you have been, without judging it, except to understand that you are outgrowing your past and becoming your future in this very moment? This takes great courage, while the flexibility of mind allows you to believe there are other possibilities in this life beyond what you have already experienced. The strength gives you enough courage to bear the loss of the known and the terror of the unknown, perhaps even turning that terror into excitement for what may be. This pick speaks of the spiritual ability in you to transform. This is not a small change. It is a life-altering transformation, where you pass through a door and cannot go back.

It is challenging. It is thrilling. It promises so much happiness, but there will also be a loss to grieve. If you transition through such a transformational process, you will know how painful it can sometimes be.

This oracle confirms that this shall not be a failed initiation for you but a true rebirth.

You have what it takes. You can make this crazy improbable leap into a completely new consciousness. You are meant to do so. It might seem ridiculous, just like the incredible miracle of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, but it is part of your destiny. This radical change in which you dream, or feel swept up without knowing what it is that is pulling you forward, is meant to be. Believe in your own ability to transform. Trust in what is happening. Don't dream small dreams, for you can produce more dramatic and colorful creations. You have the ability to become a creature so wildly beautiful and free that you probably cannot even envision what that will look like at this time. All you can do is trust in the magnificence of what you are becoming, the expression of the transformational intelligence and power within you.

CARD Number 7

A profound transformation is taking place in your life. You have managed to reconcile issues from your past. As a result, your true nature is now beginning to emerge. This card is here to encourage you to continue on your spiritual journey and to be yourself. You have much to offer the world by just being you. Love is magical, for it has the power to transform all things. The love you hold can touch those around you and the whole world.

In becoming aware of your own beauty, you are not only empowering yourself, but you also help to mirror beauty in others.

This card is connected to nature and the healing power and beauty that She radiates. Nowhere is it easier to feel the magic of the Universe than in nature. Nature exudes peace, love, and tranquility that touch the heart. She reflects the love that we have inside of ourselves. Regularly set aside some time to surround yourself with nature. Her magical powers will help to reflect the magic within you.

The coming weeks and months will bring healing into your life. As your spiritual awareness deepens, so will the understanding of all you are, expand and deepen.

This will have a magical effect on your life. You and all those around you will feel a magical effect. A time of transformation, magic, and beauty unfolds in your life. Butterflies are a powerful symbol for you at present, symbolic of the change that awaits you. So, over the coming weeks, take heart every time a butterfly flutters into your field of vision, for it confirms the tremendous progress you are making.

CARD Number 8

The feathered serpent Quetazcoatl is at the heart of the Mayan people's traditions, and he is a timekeeper. His return is now, and thus this is the time of most rapid transformation, of the clarity of a thought that can manifest into reality immediately.

We are in the most challenging and fantastic times ever on this planet, and Quetazcoatl heralds a shift between worlds of consciousness.

He and his influence are now the new reality, and those who refuse to step up and embrace and incorporate the new energies will find themselves deep in struggle and unhappiness over and over again. Instead, it is time to refuse to allow fear to corrupt your courage and to do what must be done! It is the right time at this moment.

Now, there has been so much pouring over of star maps, hunting for the right auspicious moment, contemplating the right time, staring into the heavens, and asking for sacred dates – but what we wish to say to you now is that you must act.

The right time will unfold as it is meant to. Unfortunately, for too long, you have used this idea of the "right time" as a tactic to delay and procrastinate because you are afraid of what the change will bring.

The change will alter everything. Your ideas will fall away one by one and shift, change, and rearrange.

Everything will transform, and nothing is certain because we are in a time of prophecy. Therefore, stop waiting for the right time because it is now that this action must take place.

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