Put On A Mask And Discover Your Cravings, Passions And Desires

Masks reveal. They don’t conceal. Masks reveal your cravings, your passion, your deepest most secret desires. Which mask have you chosen?

Put On A Mask And Discover Your Cravings, Passions And Desires

It’s very hard to find good personality tests on the internet – a rarity! There seem to be a heap and most of them are not true and those that really coincide with reality – are like diamonds in the rough! That’s why the Experts at Zen Magazine do an incredible job at bringing you the best and truest personality tests out there.

Each of us dreams, sets goals before him to create his successful life. When things happen in life the way we want, is that not happiness? But often people don’t realize what they want from their lives.

So without thinking choose your favorite mask and reveal your deepest cravings, desires and passion!


1. You should feel that your feelings are true and that those closest to you understand not only your feelings themselves, but also why you feel that way. You want them to sympathize, understand what it’s like to be in your shoes, and see things from your point of view, because you are unique and that’s why your feelings and opinions are valuable. All your questions and problems will be solved in the most unexpected way. All fears and bad feelings will disappear from your life for a long time.

2. You try to practice moderation in everything, although not always successfully. You like everything to be as balanced and harmonious as possible. You are trying to equip a peaceful home life and surround yourself with people who are positive and educated. You should avoid toxic and negative people and focus on peace, love and harmony in your life and only then you will be truly happy.

3. You have a real passion for what you appreciate the most in life: love, sex, knowledge, skills, your own unique view of the world. You feel or do something with all your heart and soul, and not half. If you have set yourself a task or goal you do it completely and with passion and you don’t stop until it’s complete. If you love, you will persistently pursue your chosen one, and if you want knowledge, you will learn at an accelerated pace. You will find happiness with your persistence and desire.

4. You should feel that you have a constant social circle. You need to express your feelings, ideas and experiences and know that others hear and understand you. For you there is no better feeling than a sense of relationship with people. No matter what you say, you just always need to share something with others. Influencing others and making other people happy is what truly makes you happy too.

5. You don’t have to be a professional artist to feel a huge desire to express yourself creatively. Of course, you can draw or write books, play on stage, sing or even create advertising campaigns. You need to create beautiful art with your own hands and your own mind, because you are creative about everything that surrounds you.
You want to do the right thing, be close to those who need you, and provide a secure future for yourself and your family. You work a lot and are very conscientious. You act reasonably, and your word is firm and unshakable. You care about your actions and words and about how you feel about other people. Your family is the most important thing in your life and their happiness directly correlates with your happiness.

Source: zen-magazine
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