Think of a loved one or friend in Heaven and then pick a card!


Card 1 Message:
Believe in yourself – you can do it!

From where I am now, I can see everything so much more clearly. I realise now that there is nothing to be afraid of. The only thing that stands in our way is fear. If I had my time again, I’d jump at every opportunity and abandon my cares. I’d feel the wind in my hair as I propelled through life.

Please chase your dreams, experiment with life, have fun for the both of us! I’ll be watching you, cheering you on!

I believe in you, not only because I know you, but because from here I can see nothing is stopping you unless you believe it is.

Card 2 Message
You Are Never Alone

Sometimes you feel lonely, even if you are surrounded by people. I am here to say, you are never alone. As you read this message, I am with you, standing next to you. All it takes is for you to think of me, and I hear your call. Believe I am here because your thoughts strengthen my ability to appear.

You also have a Guardian angel who stands by your side 24 hours a day. Your guardian is helping you, although you don’t always know it. That time you were delayed because you couldn’t find your car keys, it was your angel. By delaying you, she protected you from an unpleasant incident that day.

Just because you don’t ‘see’ us, doesn’t mean we aren’t here.

In fact, your house is crowded with spiritual supporters!
We love you, you are not alone.

Card 3 Message
We Will Be Together Again

Because our souls are intertwined, we are destined to stay close. We share a bond that goes back not just this lifetime, but many before. For now you are on the physical side of life, and I will act as your guide. While I am not an angel, I can give you support and guidance. I can shine the Light that will illuminate your path.

Once your life is complete we will reunite again. I will be one of the first to hug you, to reacquaint you with the spirit world.

I can tell you this – there is nothing to fear about dying – you arrive in the most beautiful place. All the same, you must live your life out completely in order to fulfill your purpose.

We make a good team, one ‘here’, one ‘there’. Helping the angels with their work

Card 4 Message
My Death Was Painless

Please don’t worry.
As souls we do not FEEL death, I remember in the blink of an eye I was outside my bodylooking down at it. I immediately felt intense happiness and shouted out how happy I was!
Opps, I just forgot you couldn’t hear!

Please do not feel guilty about anything or worry about me. Those sort of thoughts block out the light and serve neither of us. Life on earth is so brief, this is where our ‘real’ life is … I am back home, and it was always part of the plan to leave when I did.

I am happy, free of pain and living in Paradise.

Card 5 Message
I see all of your thoughts

Now that I am not attached to my physical mind I do not have the same concerns I used to have. I am free to focus on giving and loving. So whenever you need to talk, think of me, call out my name. Then trust the thoughts that appear in your head and the feelings you receive, they are from me.

I hear your thoughts and when I feel you are on the wrong path, it feels like you have a nagging thought swimming around your head (that’s me!). When you are on the right path, you feel a sense of peace (even if there are obstacles in the way). That’s also me!

Card 6 Message
I send you loving signs through nature

I am not the butterfly or the bird that flutters near you, but I am the One that sends it in your direction. I know you noticed the way an insect or bird has acted around you – you thought of me when it happened.

Don’t doubt those feelings, the more you say ‘hello’ and acknowledge it, the more it encourages me.

Nature – birds, insects and angels – are plugged into the cosmic force of the Universe, it is easy for us to manipulate their energy to send you a sign.

I may also send you a sign through a beautiful cloud formation or double rainbow.

Card 7 Message
It is beautiful where I am

I wish for a moment I could share my world with you, to show you how beautiful it is. Here there is a light that permeates everything, I go about my day, walking in this light and I am filled with a joy I cannot explain.

Here you suddenly realise you are connectedto everything … people, animals, angels … Heaven, as you may call it, is truly a Paradise.

I am surrounded by love and friends. I workhere too, as a sort of orientation guide to those who recently passed over, including children.

Card 8 Message
Everything happens for a reason

I know my loved ones were not ready to let me go, and in many ways, I was not ready either.

Since my passing I have received spiritual counselling to help me see the bigger picture of my life. I now understand that I had to leave, it was part of my soul contract – and my loved ones as well to let me go.

I now see everything in this Universe is mathematically precise. At some level, your soul knew that I would leave before you did. I am grateful for the beautiful moments we spent together. This is not goodbye, but until later.

Card 9 Message
I Watch Over You Every Day

We have such a strong soul connection that part of my journey is to watch over you therefrom here. I am near you, influencing you to do the best you can. I can do that better from here.

I help bring you experiences that are important for your soul’s growth. We will share the rest of your life on earth together, I am the light that goes before you, guiding your way.

Don’t be surprised when a thought about me pops into your head when you least expect it, that is my way of showing you I’m around.

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