Pick One Thing You Would Take On A Desert Island With You To Reveal Your True Personality!

Imagine that you are going on a desert island and you can only take one thing with you. What would it be?

Pick One Thing You Would Take On A Desert Island With You To Reveal Your True Personality!

Imagine that you are going on a desert island and you can only take one thing with you. Think very well of your answer to this question, because your answer could reveal important aspects of your life and your personality.

Choose your answer and then discover its meaning:


1. If you chose to bring a fishing kit:

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You characterize yourself as a methodical, organized person, very responsible with your obligations, in some cases a chronic perfectionist with a great orientation towards achieving success. You enjoy developing and becoming better person every day, either in your work or in any activity that you are passionate about and for this reason you always put all your energy and concentration in what you do. It is common that you remain interested in courses or activities that enrich you personally and professionally. In some cases you can become very intolerant (with others and even with yourself) and for this reason, your main challenge is to learn to accept other people’s imperfections. Understand that there is no reason to punish yourself for not doing a task as well as you expected, because everything you do, you do it as well as you can. Put all your love, energy and talent in everything you do and take it step by step, day by day and you will reach all your dreams and goals in a happy and natural way.

2. If you chose to take your favorite book:

Reading Book
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You are characterized for being an authentic person, very loyal (to your ideas and vision of the world), fraternal, loving and creative. It is possible that in many occasions you feel that the world is going at a frenetic pace and you need to look for your own area of peace and tranquility. You have a highly developed creative side, which allows you to create with great talent in areas such as: arts, design, writing, dance or anything that involves a way of expression and creation. You tend to be very sensitive and for this reason you face constant emotional ups and downs in your life. Your main challenge is to understand that life is full of events that come and go and you can always choose your attitude to everything that happens. When you become master of your emotions, you will become tolerant to pain and you will live intensely every moment of joy. And without a doubt, your life will be fuller and happier.

3. If you chose to take photos of your family:

Smiling Family
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You are characterized for being a very loving, humanistic, understanding, helpful person with a great orientation towards others. It is likely that sometimes you do things for others so they feel that they need you and you often put the needs of others, even above yours. One of the main challenges in your life is not giving as much importance to what others think about you. Whatever you do, it is practically impossible to please everyone, and remember that the world is full of wonderful people who love you for who you really are, a loving person full of great qualities and talents. Live your life authentically, Learn to find the ideal balance between giving with love and learning to receive and you will see how every moment your life is filled with blessings and great gifts of life.

4. If you chose to carry a knife:

One day in the forest
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You characterize yourself as a self-confident person (in some cases dominant), decisive, ingenious, with lots of energy and who has learned to fight to get what you need and want in life. You love accepting challenges, as well as challenging people to develop their full potential. It is likely that you have leadership skills and that you get people to follow you on almost any type of project or idea. You think that showing your feelings makes you look like a weak person and that is precisely where your main challenge lies. Denying the pain will only make the pain bigger; If there is an event that hurts you, live it and use your energy and vitality to overcome it. This will not make you weaker, on the contrary, you will continue to grow stronger. Well, bad things may happen, but what you learn from them will make you a stronger person than you already are.

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