Although it may seem surprising, with only a picture, a card or a drawing … you can define aspects of your life and your personality, that you did not expect to have.

Look carefully at the 4 cards and pick the one that appeals the most to you.

Next, discover its meaning and how it is represented in your life.

1. Dreamy and Adventurous person

You characterize yourself as a curious, very analytical and observant person. One of your main pursuits in life is freedom and many times you may feel overwhelmed by commitments or situations that limit your ability to decide where you want to go or what you want to do. Your mind is very active and can process many ideas simultaneously. Because of that you are a very impulsive person, who has a hard time finishing his obligations on time and is constantly changing his plans.

Your main challenge is to silence your mind and better organize the way you spend your time. Remember that it’s better to work on a single task at a time, than to take on many tasks at the same time, because when you focus on something, you invest all your talent, concentration and energy to achieve great results. You are a naturally talented person and with a little more organization you can continue to reap triumphs and achieve wonderful things in your life.

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2. Creative and Emotional Person

You are characterized for being a detail oriented, sensitive, spiritual, creative person, with great aesthetic sense and with great talent for areas that require some form of art or manual creation, such as painting, making music, design, etc. People like you enjoy building a unique personal style, because they want to feel different and special. It is likely that your world and your personal space are full of color, accessories and innovative items.

It is very likely that due to your emotionality you constantly change your mood and it is very important that you accept this situation so that your moodiness does not control your life and your relationships but that you control your moodiness.

Remember that beyond the circumstances, the difference between happiness and sadness is determined by your attitude, so remember every day that you are a naturally happy person, who with your creativity and energy can achieve wonderful things every time you want it.

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3. Intense and Optimistic person

You characterize yourself for being a sociable, fun, very energetic and intense person, whose essential nature is to be happy. It’s likely that sometimes things happen that sadden you, but over time you have managed to understand that with optimism and perseverance you are able to resolve any situation that occurs in your life. By your way of life you can’t stand the monotony and you need situations that challenge you and your desire to get ahead all the time.

Because of the intensity with which you assume your life, you are likely to remain very active and rest very little (or even sleep at night). At night try to set few hours in which you will eliminate all distraction from your life (computer, phone, TV, etc) and allow yourself to have a good restful night. This way your work, your state of mind and your results will improve remarkably with each passing day!

4. Romantic and Loyal Person

You characterize yourself as a noble, generous, very kind person with a sincere love for others. You constantly dream of an ideal world, with justice and well-being for all and for this reason it’s common for you to commit to charitable causes or to support the poor and other people who need your help as much as you can to the best of your abilities.

Your commitment to your family and the people you love most is absolute and you are definitely a person they can trust. As you are trustworthy, you want to trust others and when someone disappoints you, that person will have a hard time to regain your trust.

One of your main challenges is to learn to say no, because many times you agree to do things just to please others.

Remember that helping and doing good deeds should be a joy, not an obligation. Understanding this will help you avoid being used by other people and make your life more joyful and happier.

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