Powerful Affirmations To Manifest Your Wildest Dreams

Add these positive affirmations to your daily routine. Tell the Universe that you are ready for the life of your dreams!

Powerful Affirmations To Manifest Your Wildest Dreams
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My destiny has not been written yet,

I do not resign myself to my fears.

I dare to live my dreams,

I dare to be great.


I succeed in everything I do,

because I believe in myself.


My belief is stronger than my fear:

I make my dreams happen.


I have the wisdom to deal

with any situation that comes up.

I always keep the focus

on my power to succeed.

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I never give up, because

I believe in my inner power.

I always have the power

to change my life, to solve my problems,

to fulfill my dreams.


I liberate the power and the courage

that have been hidden inside myself.


I feel worthy of

all my dreams.


I overcome

my victim mentality,

I step into the power of

my spiritual mastery.


If I can dream it,

I can achieve it.

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I am not here to live

the little life of my ego,

I am here to fulfill

my dreams and the purpose

of my soul.


Every day I ignite my life

with the passion of my dreams.

The affirmations you just read are taken from our book 365 Mantras for Today, a collection of 365 powerful affirmations to enlighten every day of your life.

From our book "365 Mantras For Today"

Do you feel the powerful urge to change your life but you don’t know how to do it? Start from within and the rest will spontaneously fall into place.

When negative emotions and thoughts attract crappy things into your life, it's time to drag and drop into the trash your old belief system made of:
Mind gremlins: "My life is a mess."
Negative mind chatter: "I’ll never get over this problem."
Mental noise: "I’m not smart/attractive/successful"

The time has come to attract into your life all of the wonderful things you dream of and that you deserve.
"I succeed in everything I do."
"I am love."
"I dare to live my dreams."
"I give myself permission to be happy."

365 Mantras for today is the book that provides you with everything you need to effortlessly change your life.

Some mantras will purify you. Some others will help you in raising your energies. You will free yourself from fears, feelings of guilt, anger, resentment, and expectations. You will achieve Self-confidence, Gratitude, Acceptance, Joy, and Self-respect.

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